Images of Apple iPhone

Update: As you all know none of this became the iPhone. So consider this as an example of how detached Apple’s thinking is from the normal design crowd.

Apple iPhone proposed prototypes

Got from all over the net. Which one is real, which one is true? No idea.

Uncyclopedia: A wikipedia parody

Uncyclopedia is an encyclopaedia that anyone can edit,”It is an encyclopaedia whose standards differ from the mainstream encyclopaedic style. Uncyclopedia began as a satirical parody of Wikipedia, though Uncyclopedia claims the reverse.The site was launched in January 2005 by Jonathan Huang and an unnamed counterpart (known as ‘Stillwaters’ or ‘Euniana’), and claims to be a project of the “Uncyclomedia Foundation”,a parody of the Wikimedia Foundation.

The original self-proclaimed mission of Uncyclopedia was to provide a Satirical Point of View (SPOV) in the wiki format. However, as the community grew, the content expanded to include many other forms of humour, and a transformation towards the current state of site which was more serious in tone in its beginning.

There is no restriction on the kinds of humour allowed; however, all articles are held to a standard of comprehensibility and must appeal to more than just a small group of people.

I checked a few articles relating to India and They are really funny. See this one where they take a dig at Mahatma’s non-violent form of freedom struggle against the British Raj:

The Europeans saw India and decided they wanted it. Then, one bald man said that we must not fight for independence. His idea was that this would confuse the British, even though he was employed by the British. This plan worked, and ended up not only confusing the British, but Indians and the rest of the World [India]

The legend behind the creation of Kerala is expressed nicely. Don’t know whether you can understand it fully without knowing the original true legend:

An axe-throwing competition was conducted by Mr. Shiva on Mt. Everest for local gods (Sponsored by IBM; What * makes * you * Special). Some chap called AxeRaman threw his axe in the wrong direction to the Arabean Ocean rather than the White House. Eventually, he was disqualified but his misthrown axe created Kerala (For God’s sake don’t ask how). [Kerala]

The Chinese military’s population strength is described as strategy:

The Chinese have the world’s largest military force – The Red Army, as featured in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Unfortunately for them, this army is rendered completely useless by the fact that no soldier has any formal training. All Chinese soldiers are 100% expendable, and as a result their military tactics is to run full pelt at the enemy in the hope that the enemy runs out of bullets before the Chinese run out of people.

How can I leave out Microsoft, the favourite whipping boy in the FOSS land.

The Name Microsoft was first thought up by Bill Gates himself, Bill Gates named Microsoft after his Penis because it was Micro and Always Soft. [Microsoft]

Check out Uncyclopedia

Digg Labs:Adding New features to visualize data

Digg recently launched Digg Labs, it is a playground for interactive visualizations that allows a broader and deeper view on what is happening in digg

From the Digg blog:

The tools and projects in Labs aim to help manage the stream of stories passing through Digg, and to better understand the patterns and trends generated by our fast-growing membership. These interactive visualizations look beneath the surface of the Digg communitys activities.

The two current visualization models supported by Digg Labs, Stack and Swarm, are simply incredible. Deeper view on what is happening in Digg website.
Digg Stack shows diggs occurringin real time on up to 100 stories at once. As stories are dugg, they appear along the bottom of the screen, colored according to how popular they are. Users digging these stories appear as falling blocks that stack up as activity increases. The zoom level is adjustable, so you can focus in on the most recent stories, or pull back for a broader overview. You can also pause the visualization if its flying by too quickly, or if you want to focus on a specific story more readily.

Digg Swarm is a more lyrical view of Digg. Stories come in as circles with the title inside of them, and diggers swarm around these stories when they digg them. Every time a story gets dugg, it increases in size so the bigger the story, the more active it is. As people digg more stories, they move from circle to circle, and increase in size. You might see enormous diggers moving quickly from story to story; those seem to be people digging without taking the time to read stories.

You must try this to see this it is really incridible to watch..just like spy digg

Famous and popular Antivirus applications do not work

ZDNET is running a story on why popular antivirus applications fail to catch new viruses.The author is worried about the skill set of the malware author is rising and he thinks it is now equal to a Software Engineers from the level of hobbyist programmers.Indiustry standard antivirus firms like Symantec and McAfee is for the same reason will miss about 80% of virus outbreaks.There is nothing to do with Antivirus Companies but Malware authors optimize thier code for hiding from popular antiviruses.Symantec has more than 53% market shre the second is McAfee with 18.8% market share and Trend own 18.8 percent and 13.8 percent of the market respectively.

According to Gartner, Kaspersky’s market share is a lowly 0.7 percent.

Most large firms already use more than one antivirus application but I wonder how many use two of the Symantec, McAfee and Trend trio?

If you do then I suggest investing in yet another — but whatever you do, stay well away from the bestseller shelf.

I am really happy you know why I am using Kaspersky 6.0..Kaspersky Rocks..

Convertng from 24 hours to 12 hour clock quickly.

Browsing through neowin I found a thread with poll asking whether one likes 12 hour system OR 24 hour system,and if so is that because it due to difficulty to convert it etc..Reading through the post I got a good is an easy way to convert between 24 to 12 hours quickly.Here is how:

Take the 24 hour time…. take 2 off it. Simple

13 — 3 – 2 = 1pm
14 — 4 – 2 = 2pm
15 — 5 – 2 = 3pm
16 — 6 – 2 = 4pm
17 — 7 – 2 = 5pm
18 — 8 – 2 = 6pm
19 — 9 – 2 = 7pm
20 — 10-2 = 8pm
21 — 11-2 = 9pm
22 — 12-2 = 10pm
23 — 13-2 = 11pm
00 — If ya can’t work that one out, don’t bother with 24hrs :-p

Take the ones place and subtract 2 from it. You have 12 hour clock time. Easy