Interesting Quotes

This page is for saving all the good quotes I find online or offline. Not necessarily said by big guns. Sometimes flicked from layman’s blogs, sometimes from a twitter stream, from a magazine interview or just directly from a Quote some else has referred. I’ve tried to link back to where I have found the originals, but I don’t know whether the listed authors are the originators, I am just pointing to where I found those. Please note that this is a strictly personal exercise!.

You need to be ambitious in your dreams , focused in goals , stubborn in beliefs , arrogant in thoughts , proactive in action and moreover confident in yourself , to prevail let alone successful in this highly competitive world – Tinu Cherian

Honesty, integrity, flair and imagination – people with just that little bit extra. Good interpersonal skills, a flexible outlook and a broad range of interests to bring an added dimension to our business. – Lubbock Fine

At the end of the day, you need discipline, analytical ability, respectfulness, ethical bent of mind and a creative approach to the world.  The education system has to ensure these five things. The education system in India does not teach these things any more. – Sam Pitroda

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