I love..

Here are some of my favorite websites that I love surfing for knowledge & fun

Neowin -Where un professional journalism looks better.
Slashdot – News for nerds, stuff that matters.
MSFN – Great Forum for Advanced Windows users.
Lifehacker – Simple hacks, to make your life hack proof.
Download.com – Find almost all software here.
Softpedia – Lots of software
Experts-Exchange – Give and take support, geeky
Google – Search, search, search!
Astahost – Posting for hosting.
Flickr – Photos, Photos, Photos, Photos!!.
Imageshack – Upload photos for free, fast and simple.
Wikipedia – Encyclopedia wikified.
Btjunkie – Best torrent search engine IMO.
Torrentz – Another great meta torrent search engine.
Techspot – An Indian Technology Forum.
BetaNews – Technology news. That is in the “Beta” stage.
Wired – Wired Magazine.
Livemarks – The hottest stuff from del.ico.us.
Netvibes – An AJAX start page that is easy on my dial up.
Ask Metafilter – Questions and answers that you will never finish reading.
Yahoo! Answers – Lots of questions and answers.

If you think there is some site that I may be interested in please add a comment 🙂

22 thoughts on “I love..

  1. I think Demonoid is one of the best torrent tracker sites. They’re a more tightly knit community than the rest. The torrents are usually high quality, if you know what to look for. Torrents with 0 trackers are removed from the search, so you only find torrents that are active. Oh, and it tags each of its torrents with a .txt file, which is how I found them in the first place! 😀


    Thanks for the great list.

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