Images of Apple iPhone

Update: As you all know none of this became the iPhone. So consider this as an example of how detached Apple’s thinking is from the normal design crowd.

Apple iPhone proposed prototypes

Got from all over the net. Which one is real, which one is true? No idea.

26 thoughts on “Images of Apple iPhone

  1. @thelettera – Its , amazing artists! 😛

    I hate slide stuff too, they are too delicate to handle. Still, good finds Sujith :]

  2. I hate the third one, with the green ad.

    Why is it still the old Mac OS 9’s font Chicago on the screen, instead of OS X’s Lucida Grande? That’s just horrible. I thought we would never go back to Chicago again, thanks Apple for that.

  3. In my opinion I think the second one is looking good to become a good smartphone…but dont think Apple can easily take the crown easily because there are so many players already in the place of mobile market.I dont think Apple will be able to steal the show with this..they need to give me something innovative.

  4. None of these look real at all. They’re either crazy Photoshop morphings or obvious graphic creations of a product that would be sooooo cool.

    Here’s to the future.


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  6. THIS IS GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i really appreciates your phone’s, you got nice phones. I’d like to know more about the phone so maybe you can write me on my e-mail.
    think you for your time I will love to see your massager’s.

  8. cococococococococococococococococococococo ococo ocoxcococococococ(I really like the iphone i would buy every one. i have 23 already)cococococcococococooooooooooococcococococococococococococococococ( I would recamend the iphones to aliens.)

  9. kokokokokoko, your coment is so good . i am an alien ,so i would buy an iphone ,but the humans would see me , so if you could send one to me i will not list all my girlfriends.I live on plutoagus, it is on pluto. My addy is 123456789 QEASTH Ave.THANK YOU.

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  11. I think that this iPhone isn’t very atractive and in a sense, very primative. i think that is why they did not have any commercials or marketing for it. The new iPhone is an amazing gadget. Probably for the average business man/woman. Just beacause it cool and I like I’m getting one!!!!! 4 days till’ the ~*NEW*~ iPhone.

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