Uncyclopedia: A wikipedia parody

Uncyclopedia is an encyclopaedia that anyone can edit,”It is an encyclopaedia whose standards differ from the mainstream encyclopaedic style. Uncyclopedia began as a satirical parody of Wikipedia, though Uncyclopedia claims the reverse.The site was launched in January 2005 by Jonathan Huang and an unnamed counterpart (known as ‘Stillwaters’ or ‘Euniana’), and claims to be a project of the “Uncyclomedia Foundation”,a parody of the Wikimedia Foundation.

The original self-proclaimed mission of Uncyclopedia was to provide a Satirical Point of View (SPOV) in the wiki format. However, as the community grew, the content expanded to include many other forms of humour, and a transformation towards the current state of site which was more serious in tone in its beginning.

There is no restriction on the kinds of humour allowed; however, all articles are held to a standard of comprehensibility and must appeal to more than just a small group of people.

I checked a few articles relating to India and They are really funny. See this one where they take a dig at Mahatma’s non-violent form of freedom struggle against the British Raj:

The Europeans saw India and decided they wanted it. Then, one bald man said that we must not fight for independence. His idea was that this would confuse the British, even though he was employed by the British. This plan worked, and ended up not only confusing the British, but Indians and the rest of the World [India]

The legend behind the creation of Kerala is expressed nicely. Don’t know whether you can understand it fully without knowing the original true legend:

An axe-throwing competition was conducted by Mr. Shiva on Mt. Everest for local gods (Sponsored by IBM; What * makes * you * Special). Some chap called AxeRaman threw his axe in the wrong direction to the Arabean Ocean rather than the White House. Eventually, he was disqualified but his misthrown axe created Kerala (For God’s sake don’t ask how). [Kerala]

The Chinese military’s population strength is described as strategy:

The Chinese have the world’s largest military force – The Red Army, as featured in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Unfortunately for them, this army is rendered completely useless by the fact that no soldier has any formal training. All Chinese soldiers are 100% expendable, and as a result their military tactics is to run full pelt at the enemy in the hope that the enemy runs out of bullets before the Chinese run out of people.

How can I leave out Microsoft, the favourite whipping boy in the FOSS land.

The Name Microsoft was first thought up by Bill Gates himself, Bill Gates named Microsoft after his Penis because it was Micro and Always Soft. [Microsoft]

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