Digg Labs:Adding New features to visualize data

Digg recently launched Digg Labs, it is a playground for interactive visualizations that allows a broader and deeper view on what is happening in digg

From the Digg blog:

The tools and projects in Labs aim to help manage the stream of stories passing through Digg, and to better understand the patterns and trends generated by our fast-growing membership. These interactive visualizations look beneath the surface of the Digg communitys activities.

The two current visualization models supported by Digg Labs, Stack and Swarm, are simply incredible. Deeper view on what is happening in Digg website.
Digg Stack shows diggs occurringin real time on up to 100 stories at once. As stories are dugg, they appear along the bottom of the screen, colored according to how popular they are. Users digging these stories appear as falling blocks that stack up as activity increases. The zoom level is adjustable, so you can focus in on the most recent stories, or pull back for a broader overview. You can also pause the visualization if its flying by too quickly, or if you want to focus on a specific story more readily.

Digg Swarm is a more lyrical view of Digg. Stories come in as circles with the title inside of them, and diggers swarm around these stories when they digg them. Every time a story gets dugg, it increases in size so the bigger the story, the more active it is. As people digg more stories, they move from circle to circle, and increase in size. You might see enormous diggers moving quickly from story to story; those seem to be people digging without taking the time to read stories.

You must try this to see this it is really incridible to watch..just like spy digg

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