Denmark is happiest place in the world, report says

Denmark is the happiest country in the world and a small African country called Burundi is the unhappiest country of all according to a report published by a British Scientists.This is what the CNN report says about it.

Adrian White, an analytical social psychologist at the University of Leicester in central England, based his study on data from 178 countries and 100 global studies from the likes of the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

“We’re looking much more at whether you are satisfied with your life in general,” White told Reuters. “Whether you are satisfied with your situation and environment.”

The main factors that affected happiness were health provision, wealth and education, according to White who said his research had produced the “first world map of happiness.”

Following behind Denmark came Switzerland, Austria, Iceland and the Bahamas.

At the bottom came the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe and Burundi. The United States came in at 23rd, Britain was in 41st place, Germany 35th and France 62nd.

Countries involved in conflicts, such as Iraq, were not included.

“Smaller countries tend to be a little happier because there is a stronger sense of collectivism and then you also have the aesthetic qualities of a country,” White said.

“We were surprised to see countries in Asia scoring so low, with China 82nd, Japan 90th, and India 125th. These are countries that are thought as having a strong sense of collective identity which other researchers have associated with well-being.”

He admitted collecting data based on well-being was not an exact science, but said the measures used were very reliable in predicting health and welfare outcomes.

Regular studies by academics across the globe using the same tests would allow researchers to better understand what factors affected happiness and White said he hoped every country in the future would carry out biannual checks.

India at 125th what should I say ? 😦


Windows Live QnA

today got invitation to Windows Live of the service in the Microsoft’s Live basket of many services..I didn’t spend too much time there but it is really nice the software part I mean the web front end and functionality is done without any flaws in my quick this is a direct competitor to Yahoo! Answers it is missing one important factor the users i believe that this is a beta and a very limited number of users have access to the site this may be the reason for this if you have used Yahoo Answers you will get used to it very easily.You get points for answering,and voting.

I have to explore in more detail to know how the whole thing is actually functioning this is just the view of the outer surface of a great service

Microsoft demonstrated OLPC killer

C|NET news has reported that Microsoft conformed its plan to release the OLPC killer reports suggests that the name of the product is “FonePlus”.It is a concept that cellphones will help to capture the developing markets recently Bill Gates has told about a concept of cellphones as the alternatives to personal computers.Many belive that Windows CE will be the OS of the hardware and it too wont be a full version something like the Windows Starter Edition for developing nations,but it also has a limited functionality.

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India dont need OLPC:We will add more teachers.

The famous $100 laptop for the developing countries made quite a stir and was seen as an innovative method to reduce the digital divide but India said that they do not need the OLPC,reason rather than using funky laptops it is better to add more Human Resources and improve the quality of education.Here is what the summary of India said

Indian Ministry of Education busted out the vocab and called the laptop “pedagogically suspect.” They seemed to think the funds were better suited for building classrooms and hiring teachers, not “fancy tools,” and their reasoning is hard to fault in that regard. Education Secretary Sudeep Banerjee also questioned the maturity of Negroponte’s plan, and said no major country was seriously interested. Of course, Nigeria just ordered up a cool million, and places like China, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt and Thailand are still likely targets, but it looks like India is content to wait on the sidelines and call sour grapes for now.

nForce 500 new chipset from NVIDIA

nForce 500 is the new chipset from Graphics card giant NVIDIA.Theese chipsets are made for the latest CPU platform for the AMD processors based on the AM2 socket,eventhough there are no commentable increase in performance if you switch from the socket 939(Which I have),many belived that there is very few things nvidia can do but they proved that there new chipset is a must do upgrade for new PC buyers here is a small info about the new chipset:

There will be 4 versions of nforce 500,they are:

  • nForce 590 SLI
  • nForce 570 SLI
  • nForce 570 Ultra
  • nForce 550

Expers estimates that the new socket AM2 motherboards to cost slightly more than their socket 939 counterparts, at least initially, but long-term they should have basically the same prices. The High-End Enthusiast segment will be around $200, Mainstream Enthusiast will be around $150, Performance Mainstream will be close to $100, and the Value Mainstream offerings will look to target the $80 or under market.

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Nvidia nforce 500 SLI chipset,the latest offering from nvidia