Famous and popular Antivirus applications do not work

ZDNET is running a story on why popular antivirus applications fail to catch new viruses.The author is worried about the skill set of the malware author is rising and he thinks it is now equal to a Software Engineers from the level of hobbyist programmers.Indiustry standard antivirus firms like Symantec and McAfee is for the same reason will miss about 80% of virus outbreaks.There is nothing to do with Antivirus Companies but Malware authors optimize thier code for hiding from popular antiviruses.Symantec has more than 53% market shre the second is McAfee with 18.8% market share and Trend own 18.8 percent and 13.8 percent of the market respectively.

According to Gartner, Kaspersky’s market share is a lowly 0.7 percent.

Most large firms already use more than one antivirus application but I wonder how many use two of the Symantec, McAfee and Trend trio?

If you do then I suggest investing in yet another — but whatever you do, stay well away from the bestseller shelf.

I am really happy you know why I am using Kaspersky 6.0..Kaspersky Rocks..

3 thoughts on “Famous and popular Antivirus applications do not work

  1. Interesting… Although I’ve never had a virus harm my main pc which has mcaffee running on it, mcaffee does horribly kills your running processes on startup though.

  2. zdnet’s article specifically says 80% of NEW malware gets missed… new is the same as unknown in the malware field and since conventional anti-virus products are primarily known-malware scanners it’s not surprising that they’d regularly miss unknown malware… thankfully unknown malware doesn’t stay unknown for long…

    the reason it’s only an 80% miss rate instead of 100% is because of heuristic detection… the heuristics in the mainstream scanners are detecting only 20% of new malware right now… heuristics was never going to be 100% effective but it’s current performance is so low due to malware creators tweaking their creations until the better known scanners can’t find them with heuristics… heuristics is still based on detection of something known (known bad techniques instead of known bad software) so really new stuff is still going to give it problems…

    people ought to be supplementing their use of known malware techniques (which are useful against the vast majority of malware) with generic techniques which aren’t as susceptible to being fooled by ‘novelty’…

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