Download/Save/Record Youtube Videos

If you wanted to download the videos you watched on Youtube.I have find a way to do so..

Here is how to do it

First find the URL of your favorite Youtube video

  • Go to and paste the video URL into the download box
  • Now click ‘Download’ button
  • And it will open a new page with the download link
  • Just save that file to a location as you always do

Firefox fans can use the Video Downloader extension that allows you to download videos to your computer from YouTube and most video sites.

Also check out the great collection of YouTube Tools by QuickOnlineTips blog.


22 thoughts on “Download/Save/Record Youtube Videos

  1. You can download videos over 50 different video sharing sites with , break, clipfish , collegehumor , , dailymotion , google , grouper , ifilm , izlesene , liveleak , livevideo , metacafe , myspace ,myvideo , pikniktube ,revver , , sharkle, stupidvideos, teachertube,, twango, veoh,,, vidivodo, vidmax,
    viewurself, vimeo, vmix, vsocial, vume, yahoo, youku, youtube, zippyvideos,, wewin, stickam,, ameba,, 9you

  2. Thanks for the info. In fact, there are other ways too.

    I like using “ZillaTube”. It’s only one software but it downloads youtube, plays them, and also helps you convert to various video format.

  3. well as far as I could tell this was all spyware or some crap that had nothing to do with videos.

    zillatube listed above was actually what I wanted. try there

  4. is it possible to Record the youtube videos
    on a DVD’r ?? please let me know
    whats the point of having them on your computer
    if their viewable on your Computer
    By watching Youtube??!!

  5. Ray, the point of having vids on your hard-drive will be determinate by the user needs. E.g.

    – you want to burn vids to a DVD, so you can download that vid and then encode/burn to a DVD with an specific program
    – others may want split, join, encode, decode or any other treatment of the vid that they want
    – some will download a vid, then encode to mp4 and load to their iPod
    – some just do not want a video streaming from the net, they rather to watch it direcly
    – or anything else 🙂

    Balu, there’s a usefull info about save ’em to the hd for Windows users, I’ll add the equivalent to linux
    – go to /tmp and look for a file that’s prefix with “Flash”, then append the .flv to the file name and copy the FLV to a directory that you want.

    Well thanks for the info

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