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Google I’m feeling lucky from addressbar in Firefox

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Google I’m feeling lucky

  1. Right click on the link and select Bookmark this link (Ctrl+Shif+B)
  2. From the bookmarks menu click Show all bookmarks
  3. Search for “google feeling” to find the page we just bookmarked.
  4. Select the link we bookmarked and click More
  5. In the keyword field give gfl.

Now from the address bar just start the search with gfl search query and it will be similar to pressing the I’m feeling lucky button in Google Homepage.

Google I'm feeling lucky in Firefox bookmark keyword edit

This is a note for future when I reinstall browser/OS.

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August 19, 2015 at 4:17 PM

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Enter key not working: How to remap keyboard

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Today, my friend scrapped me (in Orkut) that his [Enter] key (or return key) is broken and it is not working. So he is unable to chat and whether I know of any alternatives.

Hmm.. then I did some binging/googling, and this is what I was able to come up with.

You can map the keys to something different. Many people like to remap the [Caps Lock] because when the type there is a tendency to accidently slam on it and type in all caps, which is very annoying (In MS Word, Excel etc, you can use [Shift]+[F3] for converting lovercase to upper case and vice-versa).

Okay, coming back to the point. The best way to do this is using third party tools, which are freely available.  Otherwise you’ll have to edit the registry, which is no fun thing at all! So, we’ll go the software way.


It is a free software to map one  key to another on your keyboard. It is free, you need to have .NET runtime environment running to install it.

You can download it from [] and [RandyRants]

Key Tweak Keyboard Remapper


It is also a free program to do the remapping of the keys, you can get it from:

Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4

It is another tool to do the same thing. By Microsoft itself. But you’ll have to go through the validation procedures etc.  [Download Microsoft Keyboard Layout Tweaker]

Windows On-Screen Keyboard

Other simple thing you can do is to use the On-screen Keyboard(OSD) But this is not really an easy way to solve the problem. Say, as in my friends case you want to use it to replace the enter key, while chatting it is not really very helpful, is it?


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7. Scan Code Mapper for Windows, WHDC Archives

8. Remap the F12 Key, CapsLock Key or any Key in Windows XP, 2000, Vista and 2003, US Netizen

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November 15, 2009 at 7:19 PM

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People still use Internet Explorer 3!

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The first thing you need to be secure online is safe software, and IMHO it is the only thing you need to do. If you don’t go to the dark side of the web, you can be pretty sure about your security with latest software. But I was puzzled seeing this [1]. Some people are still using versions of browsers, that I only have heard about. Nope, it is not good old Netscape Navigator (I’ve used it :) ). Any version of Internet Explorer below 7 will open your system to the world like troy was with Trojan horse.

So Paypal is going to stop allowing access for people who use unsafe browsers. They say some folks are using not only Explorer but version 4 & even 10 year old version 3! [2]

Some folks are still using Internet Explorer v.4, and v.3, which is about 10 years old :| I assume theese are very old machines and its users are not concerned with anything that is happenig in the world of network-security.

Reference(S) and Link(s)

  1. People using Very Old Browsers [ – moonmiester – ]
  2. PayPal stopping access with unsafe browsers

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April 22, 2008 at 4:42 AM

Run your downloaded files directly from Firefox using Opendownload

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If you have used Internet Explorer, as I have once did. You may know that there is an option to execute or run a file, usually a setup file directly while downloading. i.e The file will be downloaded to your temporary directory and it will be executed directly from there. The nice thing about this is that you can keep your downloads directory clean, void of any clutter from excessive downloads. The downloaded files will be deleted after 24 hours.

This can be implemented in Firefox also, with the help of Open Download extension. Especially useful if you want to install an application directly, without wasting any time or maintaining the files in your hard disc.

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April 13, 2008 at 6:34 AM

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How to reduce the size of Adobe PDF documents

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I have a collection of articles that I collected throughout the years and converted to pdf documents. But recently I have to send some of them to my friend, being on dial up, I know that it will be a messy business if I try to send them without trying to reduce the size of the documents.

Use the Save as command instead of Save

This is No. 1 suggestion for reducing the sizes of  PDFs. After you make any changes to your PDF, select Save As, instead of just Save, this will overwrite the entire PDF. Otherwise, if you just click Save, changes are appended to your file, and you’ll notice a slow and steady accretion of kilobytes.

Use the PDF Optimizer

By selecting Advanced > PDF Optimizer > Audit Space Usage, you can find out which elements in your PDF (fonts? images?) are taking up the most space and make changes accordingly.

Reduce Graphics and Images

We all knew that image files takes many times more the disk space than text. So reduce them or use optimized images, if necessary.

Vector-based graphics scale perfectly, look better and take up less space than their GIF counterparts.

If you have to insert a graphic as a bitmap, prepare it for maximum compression and minimum dimensions. Don’t compress the graphic beforehand, because distilling them in the PDF may cause the creation of noticeable artifacts in the image.

To experiment with the image compression quality to size ratios, select Advanced > PDF Optimizer, and on the images tab select compression options for color, grayscale, and monochrome images. Or, select Enable Adaptive Compression and drag the slider to balance file size and quality.

Use RGB colour

PGB uses less space than CMYK, so if you are not intending to print the documents in high quality it is recommended to use RGB than CMYK

Use Minimum fonts

Fonts use space, try to use minimal space and don’t embed many fonts as this will increase the size of the document considerably.

Use latest Acrobat

Use the latest version of the software, as there will be minor improvements in the compression algorithms that may help you to achieve the desired results. an example Acrobat 5 (PDF version 1.4) introduced JBIG2 (Joint Bilevel Image Experts Group) compression, which is superior to the CCITT or Zip algorithms that previous versions used when compressing scanned monochromatic copy. Most PDF users have made the switch to newer versions of Acrobat, but if you’re still using an old copy, it may be time to make the switch.

Use special Software

There are specialized software that can reduce the size of the document. Here are a few links that may of help.

  3.… (914kb)
  4.… (288KB)

Reference and Links

Reduce your PDF file size

How can I reduce PDF file size?

How do you reduce size of .pdf file?

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December 11, 2007 at 6:15 PM

Business behind virus writing

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Almost everyone of us know that now a days writing malware for the PC is not the hobby of pimple faced teenagers sitting behind the computer without a social life, but it is the image that Hollywood movies has thrust upon us.

But the fact is different the business behind writing viruses and other malware for the popular platforms like Windows is like hitting jackpot.If you have a good business plan and talent you can make a good sum from your hobby.I today found a similar story of a Chineese man who made more than  $130,000 selling his viruses.The Panda worm, which has spread widely throughout China, steals online game usernames and passwords.But it’s author, Li Jun confessed yesterday to writing the worm “for fun”.

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February 14, 2007 at 7:48 PM

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New anti-worm technology, no signatures needed

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What is this?

A new anti-worm prevention technology that was developed by Penn State researchers, that work without updated signatures to seize and stop worms. This technology is called as Proactive Worm Containment (PWC)

Why is this exceptional?

This system is very unique and very sensible. It is way better than the present generation anti-worm prevention technologies that rely seriously on signatures for recognition of wicked software. More or less every new worm will need a new set of signatures, for the antivirus to spot them(The signatures contain descriptions of all the malicious programs, threats, and network attacks known to date and methods for neutralizing them).If a up-to-the-minute worm infects a network or system the security tools in it needs to be updated to its most recent definitions, in the case of a Virus outbreak it will become ineffective as it needs new signatures, most of the time the worm put a stop to the access of the antivirus vendor’s server.

How does this work?

This software will look for abnormality in the rate and diversity of connection requests going out of the hosts. When a host with a high rate is acknowledged, then PWC quarantines that host so that no packets with the worm code can be sent out. This prevents the distribution of the worm.

Is this perfect?

No, 99.99% of technology used in the security industry isn’t either. This one is very practical so it will work more successfully than traditional signature based scanners in fighting new worms.

  • PWC can quickly clear any erroneously blocked hosts
  • The PWC software can be incorporated effortlessly with existing signature-based worm filtering systems

What are its defects?

A few dozen packets will be missed by PWC before it can quarantine the attack. The Slammer worm, which attacked Microsoft SQL Server, on average, sent out 4,000 infected packets every second. It may miss slow-spreading worms. But existing technologies already can pick those up.


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February 9, 2007 at 11:28 PM


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