People still use Internet Explorer 3!

The first thing you need to be secure online is safe software, and IMHO it is the only thing you need to do. If you don’t go to the dark side of the web, you can be pretty sure about your security with latest software. But I was puzzled seeing this [1]. Some people are still using versions of browsers, that I only have heard about. Nope, it is not good old Netscape Navigator (I’ve used it 🙂 ). Any version of Internet Explorer below 7 will open your system to the world like troy was with Trojan horse.

So Paypal is going to stop allowing access for people who use unsafe browsers. They say some folks are using not only Explorer but version 4 & even 10 year old version 3! [2]

Some folks are still using Internet Explorer v.4, and v.3, which is about 10 years old 😐 I assume theese are very old machines and its users are not concerned with anything that is happenig in the world of network-security.

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Run your downloaded files directly from Firefox using Opendownload

If you have used Internet Explorer, as I have once did. You may know that there is an option to execute or run a file, usually a setup file directly while downloading. i.e The file will be downloaded to your temporary directory and it will be executed directly from there. The nice thing about this is that you can keep your downloads directory clean, void of any clutter from excessive downloads. The downloaded files will be deleted after 24 hours.

This can be implemented in Firefox also, with the help of Open Download extension. Especially useful if you want to install an application directly, without wasting any time or maintaining the files in your hard disc.

10 Funny sites to kill time

The 10 Funniest Sites on the Internet – “Along with sex and shopping, comedy is one of the biggest drivers of traffic on the Web. Especially now that a lot of regular people know how to post their homemade video and audio to the Web (along with clips from TV or radio), there’s an awful lot of funny stuff online. After months of exhaustive research, including lie-detector tests performed on laboratory rats, we’ve gathered a list of the funniest sites on the Web…”

Make reading online a simple experience

Whenever I get time, I tends to read a lot from the web. But it is not really as good as holding a newspaper or a nice magazine, because of the added interactivity, the flashiness and all other sort of shiny stuff. Gearfire productivity suggests using a firefox extension called Aardvark

Aardvark makes reading easier and saves paper and ink when printing. It is a Firefox extension, but is also available as a bookmarklet for Internet Explorer and Safari.

This will be particularly useful when a site dosen’t have  a printer friendly version that removes everything except the main article in question.This extension offers many features. Try it out, it is useful.

How to pronounce english words with Howjsay

Many of non-native english speakers make the mistake of learning the wrong pronounciations. But, this service may help you to understand how a word should be pronounced. I usually used for learning the pronouciation. I think  this one is also good!

Type a word or phrase and hear it spoken back to you. Howjsay is an English pronunciation dictionary that uses recorded sound rather than text-to-speech synthesis. Enter a word or phrase, wait for it to appear on the page in pink, then hover your mouse over the word(s) to hear the pronunciation. Supports both UK and American spellings. URL: Howjsay.

Search Custom search engines

Google doesn’t offer a way to unearth custom search engines  built by other users, but by using a regular Google search you can find those homepages effortlessly. You just have to add [ inurl:coop/cse] to your search query. For example, you can use [ inurl:coop/cse css] to find custom search engines for CSS.

This might be useful if you have to do some research on a narrow topic and the regular Google search doesn’t return good results. By restricting your search to a list of sites about CSS or web programming, you’ll definitely find great results even for ambiguous queries like “position” or “display” .

Google Operating system has created a custom search for finding custom search engines