Installed Ubuntu 6.06 Linux

I today installed Linux for the third time in my life, first time it was Linspire second time it was Red Hat Fedora Core 4 this time it was Ubuntu 6.06.I deleted the partitions last two times because I find no special use in that.But this time I think I will continue to use it and learn it a bit.Installing was easy but a minor problems were there like I have to use the safe mode to install it.The other problem is while at the partitioning screen I gave an option to use a partition with highest free space, and I do have a partition with about 14 GB of free space but it showed some errors.Then I tried to try my luck and selected the manual partition…but to my amazement it was really easy…I just do have to slide a small colorful slider, I gave 62% space (i.e 8 GB) for it…everything else was fine.It finished installing in less that 10 minutes

One thought on “Installed Ubuntu 6.06 Linux

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