Social media vs social network

There is social media and there is social network. We have to differentiate them to understand them
Both are technology used to bring people and information closer. The difference between them is the way they are put to use — social networks are limited to connecting people together while social media is not just about the people. It is more than that, it is more wide and ambitious and all encompassing: the brands, the sports, the music, your interests, your friends’ interests, and advertisements for a thousand products vying for your attention and wallet.
Social media is not as personal as social networks. When social networks became too big they morphed to social media. Social networking just become part of it, and also ran. This idea occurred to me while reading this comment on why Facebook ceased to be interesting place once they started to bombard users with advertisements and hijacked the newsfeed:

I haven’t felt “positive reinforcement” or “dopamine hits” for quite some time on Facebook. Since it shifted from social network to social media, it doesn’t “give” me anything anymore. It is tedious, and I don’t check it because I feel compelled, or even enjoy it, but I have to make a concious effort to login and check every now and then, like you check mail or your bank website.
Back when it was more about the profile, about “stalking” friends and connecting with real-life acquaintances, it was much more addictive. Features like “you know this person via these two steps”, poking, but also subtle clues like the timing of when somebody visited your page, or that they commented on an old photo (meaning they browsed your gallery)… that is all missing now. Facebook was so addictive because it enabled you to obsess about social connections. Friends, crushes, people with common hobbies, and so on. – HN

Running is the Worst Way to Get Fit

Remember, running is only good for “cardio” because it makes you breathe hard, but there are endless ways to do that. Just love to run? Don’t want to give it up? That’s cool, just do it faster. “In many ways, sprinting is safer than running,” says Boyce. “The average person has a lot of muscle imbalances, where muscles on one side of the joint are weaker than muscles on the other side of the joint, so it’s really not the best idea to hammer away at them with long, endurance style running where you’re taking, like, ten thousand strides over a thirty-minute run.”

That leads to chronic pain and imbalances, he explains, while sprinting with good form remedies the problems of running in multiple ways. You take fewer strides overall (so it has less impact on the joints), you move more efficiently, you use more muscles in the body, and it recruits more fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are more involved with building strength and power.

“Fast-twitch muscle fibers will help keep your joints bolstered and strong, so it’s just a better choice overall,” Boyce says. “Plus, you’re going to have more of a fat loss effect from sprinting for the same reasons you get it from weights: You’re doing things that require strength, explosiveness, exertion, and intensity, so your muscles are going to have to work a little bit harder, they’re going to burn more calories, and you’re going to be more metabolic after you finish your workout as well.” That means you continue burning extra calories long after you’ve showered off your gym funk

The computer did not resync because the required time was change to big w32tm /rsync

My computer defaults to a 2002 date when it boots. When I tried to run w32tm /resync it shows this error:

The computer did not resync because the required time was change to big

This is easy to fix. From the command line add one more parameter to the w32tm command:

w32tm /resync /force

Synchronise update time from internet time server Windows command line cmos battery dead

w32tm /resync

My desktop PC’s CMOS battery is dead and each time it boots up the time is set to 2002. I really don’t mind the time being wrong except when web pages do not load showing invalid security certificate.

The above command needs to be run using an administrative privileged command line.

This is same as right clicking the clock (taskbar left) > selecting Adjust date/time > Internet time > Change settings > Update.

My system defaults to 2002 when it boots from a complete power off state. When I tried to do the above command it gave the following error: The computer did not resync because the required time was change to big I’ve a fix here

Google I’m feeling lucky from addressbar in Firefox

Google I’m feeling lucky

  1. Right click on the link and select Bookmark this link (Ctrl+Shif+B)
  2. From the bookmarks menu click Show all bookmarks
  3. Search for “google feeling” to find the page we just bookmarked.
  4. Select the link we bookmarked and click More
  5. In the keyword field give gfl.

Now from the address bar just start the search with gfl search query and it will be similar to pressing the I’m feeling lucky button in Google Homepage.

Google I'm feeling lucky in Firefox bookmark keyword edit

This is a note for future when I reinstall browser/OS.