Twitter the hate machine

Today, Twitter is a planetary-scale hate machine. By which I don’t mean “people post hateful things on Twitter.” I mean literally generates hate, as in, put a bunch of people with diverse perspectives on Twitter and by the end of the day they hate each other more than when they started.
Reminds me of this William Burroughs excerpt

At any given time recording devices fix the nature of absolute need and dictate the use of total weapons–Like this: Take two opposed pressure groups–Record the most violent and threatening statements of group one with regard to group two and play back to group two–Record the answer and take to back to group one–Back and forth between opposed pressure groups–This process is known as “feed back”–You can see it operating in any bar room quarrel–In any quarrel for that matter–Manipulated on a global scale feeds back nuclear war and nova
“Too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples – while judging ourselves by our best intentions.” -GWB

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