Greater Helsinki Vision

City planning is a big problem faced by cities around the world; big and small. While the developed world is concerned about utilizing the small space available to house more people. The developing world is scratching their head to find solutions to problems arising from rapid urbanization.

Helsinki is a Finnish city, I think it is its biggest, is planning to its future development now itself. They are running a competition with big CASH prizes. The competition seems to be finished, and you can see the best entries. The contest is called Greater Helsinki Vision 2050

10 Funny sites to kill time

The 10 Funniest Sites on the Internet – “Along with sex and shopping, comedy is one of the biggest drivers of traffic on the Web. Especially now that a lot of regular people know how to post their homemade video and audio to the Web (along with clips from TV or radio), there’s an awful lot of funny stuff online. After months of exhaustive research, including lie-detector tests performed on laboratory rats, we’ve gathered a list of the funniest sites on the Web…”

Feeling lazy:See what others have achieved!

One of the best way to charge you up and work towards your goal is to see what others have accomplished. Normally for everyone of use, achievements of friends give us that big confidence boost that may reassure us about the positive probability of accomplishing a task you have in mind which you thought were impossible.

Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age asks you to enter your age, and then displays a mix of famous and non-famous people with their accomplishments as of your age.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find some energy after you visit the site to get out there and do something amazing!


Keeping Ubuntu in Perfect shape

Windows gurus always tell you to keep your system clean by uninstalling applications that you may never use, but installed and forgot. This is very true for other OSes as well. I today found a guide on how to keep your Ubuntu installation in perfect shape. It advises you on how to get rid of “orphaned” packages, unnecessary local data, and some more.

Keeping Ubuntu clean

Tips for solving Crosswords

Crosswords are very interesting, if you love words. It is a cool way to kill time when you are on the bus, waiting for a plane, OR in a restaurant. Here are few tips you can use to figure out how to solve a puzzle.

  • Start with what you know for sure and build from there. Short answers are usually easier to get than longer ones, because the English language doesn’t have many three- and four-letter words, and the same ones tend to appear often in crosswords. This is especially so for words with lots of vowels, like ALE, ARIA, and OLEO
  • Remember that a clue and its answer will always be in the same part of speech and generally can be used interchangeably in a sentence with the same meaning.
  • If you get stuck, don’t be afraid to guess. But also don’t be afraid to erase an answer that isn’t working out from the crossings.
  • If you really get stuck, put the puzzle aside and come back later. It’s amazing how often this trick works. Thinking of one new answer the next time around may be enough to get you off and running again.
  • Finally, to answer a question I’m asked all the time: No, it’s not “cheating” to use a reference book or the Internet to get an answer you don’t know. It’s your puzzle. Solve it any way you like!

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