Tips for solving Crosswords

Crosswords are very interesting, if you love words. It is a cool way to kill time when you are on the bus, waiting for a plane, OR in a restaurant. Here are few tips you can use to figure out how to solve a puzzle.

  • Start with what you know for sure and build from there. Short answers are usually easier to get than longer ones, because the English language doesn’t have many three- and four-letter words, and the same ones tend to appear often in crosswords. This is especially so for words with lots of vowels, like ALE, ARIA, and OLEO
  • Remember that a clue and its answer will always be in the same part of speech and generally can be used interchangeably in a sentence with the same meaning.
  • If you get stuck, don’t be afraid to guess. But also don’t be afraid to erase an answer that isn’t working out from the crossings.
  • If you really get stuck, put the puzzle aside and come back later. It’s amazing how often this trick works. Thinking of one new answer the next time around may be enough to get you off and running again.
  • Finally, to answer a question I’m asked all the time: No, it’s not “cheating” to use a reference book or the Internet to get an answer you don’t know. It’s your puzzle. Solve it any way you like!

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