Top 10 Iraq myths for 2006

Alternet is running a great article on top 10 Iraq Myths.I was really happy to see the first one

1. Myth number one is that the United States “can still win” in Iraq. Of course, the truth of this statement, frequently still made by William Kristol and other Neoconservatives, depends on what “winning” means. But if it means the establishment of a stable, pro-American, anti-Iranian government with an effective and………………………….

It is an intersting read

Russia the leader in spacecraft launches

TLT news, a Russian news site reports that in the year 2006, Russia out numbered all other countries by grabbing a 45%  share in the spacecraft launches. But in the next year Russian scientists said they are  planning to launch just 20 satellites.

The head of the Federal Space Agency, Anatoly Perminov said Russia would allocate 24 billion Rubles  for their prestigious federal space program 2007. The United States is at second place with 20 launches. Japan and China trails behind the US with  six launches each.

“We have no doubt that in 2009 we will complete the GLONASS network, which consists of 24 satellites, and (precise) navigation will be possible anywhere on Earth,” Perminov said. GLONASS is an alternative to US’ GPS Satellite network for navigation purposes.
He also urged countries involved in space exploration to develop international rules for cleaning up “space garbage”. “We need a system of international measures for regulating the clean-up of space garbage,” Perminov said adding, “Unfortunately, it does not exist at present, but we are discussing it.”

Creating websites without any HTML knowledge

If you want to create websites quickly without any knowledge of HTML. There are applications that allow you to do so. Mainly there are two kinds, CMS and WYSIWYG HTML editors. CMS software are complex and needs powerful servers which are loaded with PHP and other server side goodies. For low-tech items, the plain HTML route is better as it is less resource intensive.

Some weeks back I was also searching for something like this for one of my friends to create some simple web-pages. So I thought about helping him by doing a little bit of research.

The mac application iWeb is considered as one of the best for creating websites. But in windows too there are good and simple applications that will help to create simple, yet elegant pages that are compatible with web standards.

In this post I wish to explain about a nifty software called Toweb it is being developed by Lauyan .The software is capable of creating simple pages that can have its own “unique” designs or themes. There is a customizable theme generator for making new themes from the ones that are already bundled with the application. The theme customization options are really extensible; you can change every option of the page like borders, fonts, headers, sidebars, pictures, colour schemes etc.

Feature rich the programs are but difficult to use OR learn (Dreamweaver) for the beginner. But Toweb is very beginner friendly. After you make necessary changes to the themes you can write the content and then the next step is publishing. If you have a free Geocities account or one from tripod you can just enter the username and password and the software will do the rest for you.

For a beginner it is a very good application to build blogs, and small websites.Y ou can see some good sites on the developers website.

Remember that this is a utility to create a small set of personal pages and this is not a replacement for a good utility like Dreamweaver, which Toweb doesn’t even compare with 🙂

Luyan Developers Site

MIT reviews this year in Information Technology

MIT’s Technology Review is running an article about the new revolutions that had happened this year (2006).The list includes both hardware, software and web only applications (web 2.0 ?).

The list includes :

 There are more to the list if you are interested take a look

AOL to be merged with Yahoo!

Rumors rounding the Internet is that Yahoo! is going to merge with AOL the American Internet portal baggies, the next year (2007).But another report by imediaconnection is speculating that both AOL and Yahoo! will be acquired by some other company, most probably our software giant from Redmond, Washington.With Time Warner considering to sell AOL no one is sure about the future of AOL.

A Merrill Lynch analyst report has been came out in which they speculate that both AOL and Yahoo! are ready for a “transformation transaction in the coming 12 to 24 months.”After Google bought Youtube Fortune magazine mentioned this rumor back in October describing the merger of AOL with Yahoo! to impress the Wall Street.

So, what will happen  this story becomes true?.The userbase will multiply by manifold the product portfolio of Yahoo! (or Microsoft?) will increase at a rocket speed.As both companies (AOL, Yahoo!) are facing Investors who are doubtful about the companies competency with other Internet bigwigs like Google and Yahoo.

As the Web2.0 space becomes crowded with companies that do exactly the same thing (called clones), if a move like this happen to the classic companies of the Internet bubble, I am sure that a we will see a new era of application integration.Think about Microsoft, Yahoo! and AOL integrating their services each other that will create an immense pressure on rivals like Google.So I am adding Google (hey! they have lots of cash)also too to the list of possible acquirers of Yahoo! and AOL

Kaspersky adds Vista support

Software maker Kaspersky Lab has released its initial anti-virus products that support Microsoft’s new Vista operating system. Shipped on Dec. 28, the software is a beta version of a maintenance update for Kaspersky’s Anti-Virus 6.0 and Internet Security products that includes the new support for Vista, which was introduced by Microsoft in mid-November 2006.
While the first Vista-oriented products built by Kaspersky, which has its headquarters in Moscow, Russia, cover the company’s consumer-oriented technologies, the firm is in the process of creating versions of its enterprise security applications that will be tailored to work with the Microsoft OS. Kaspersky has yet to disclose publicly an official date when those products will arrive.
Built with a number of security tools onboard, including anti-virus capabilities, some industry watchers have predicted that the arrival of Vista will make it harder for mid-tier software makers such as Kaspersky to compete, as Microsoft’s entry to the market will also push industry leaders Symantec and McAfee to cut pricing for their own applications.

Ref :eWeek