Creating websites without any HTML knowledge

If you want to create websites quickly without any knowledge of HTML. There are applications that allow you to do so. Mainly there are two kinds, CMS and WYSIWYG HTML editors. CMS software are complex and needs powerful servers which are loaded with PHP and other server side goodies. For low-tech items, the plain HTML route is better as it is less resource intensive.

Some weeks back I was also searching for something like this for one of my friends to create some simple web-pages. So I thought about helping him by doing a little bit of research.

The mac application iWeb is considered as one of the best for creating websites. But in windows too there are good and simple applications that will help to create simple, yet elegant pages that are compatible with web standards.

In this post I wish to explain about a nifty software called Toweb it is being developed by Lauyan .The software is capable of creating simple pages that can have its own “unique” designs or themes. There is a customizable theme generator for making new themes from the ones that are already bundled with the application. The theme customization options are really extensible; you can change every option of the page like borders, fonts, headers, sidebars, pictures, colour schemes etc.

Feature rich the programs are but difficult to use OR learn (Dreamweaver) for the beginner. But Toweb is very beginner friendly. After you make necessary changes to the themes you can write the content and then the next step is publishing. If you have a free Geocities account or one from tripod you can just enter the username and password and the software will do the rest for you.

For a beginner it is a very good application to build blogs, and small websites.Y ou can see some good sites on the developers website.

Remember that this is a utility to create a small set of personal pages and this is not a replacement for a good utility like Dreamweaver, which Toweb doesn’t even compare with 🙂

Luyan Developers Site

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