Spell Check:In an application that don’t have one

Occasionally you need to check the spelling of words in an application that does not include a spelling checker and you don’t want to launch your word processor just for that. This is when tinySpell becomes handy. It is a small utility that allows you to easily and quickly check the spelling of words in any Windows application.
tinySpell can watch your typing on the fly and alert you whenever it detects a misspelled word. It can also check the spelling of every word you copy to the clipboard.

tinySpell installs itself in the system tray for easy access. It comes with an American-English dictionary containing more than 110,000 words.


How to Burn a 3 Terabyte CD

The format wars will continue but there is still hope exists for the traitional CD.

A research team at Harvard University has developed a technique that could help to significantly boost the capacity of conventional optical discs.They’ve fabricated a nano antenna–built directly onto an inexpensive, off-the-shelf laser–that focuses light to a much smaller spot size than is possible with even the best traditional lenses, potentially enabling more bits to be written onto an optical disc.

The storage capacity increases as the wavelength of the light used to write(burn) the data decreases, normal CDs  are written using light of wavelength of about 780 nm(Nanometers).DVDs use 650 nanometers, and boht  HD-DVDs and Blu-ray discs use 405 nanometers. Wavelengths shorter than 405 nanometers would require light sources far too expensive for consumer electronics.The problem is that conventional lenses can only focus light to half their wavelength, a physical barrier called the diffraction limit. The Harvard researchers sidestepped this limit, however, by abandoning traditional optics in favor of nano-optical techniques. “We can get around the wavelength limitation by using an antenna,” says Ken Crozier, assistant professor of electrical engineering at Harvard.

The team of Crozier, Federico Capasso, professor of applied physics at the university, and graduate students Eric Kort and Ertugrul Cubukcu designed the optical antenna to focus light from a commercial laser (with a wavelength of 830 nanometers) to a spot size of 40 nanometers. With this resolution, “you’d be able to pack more than three terabytes [3,000 gigabytes] worth of data onto something the size of a CD,” Crozier estimates. That’s enough to hold more than 300 feature-length movies. By comparison, a dual-layer HD-DVD or Blu-ray disc can hold 30 gigabytes or 50 gigabytes, respectively.

The antenna is consisting of two nano rods coated with Gold , which is separated by a gap of 30 nanometers.Still the technology is not ready for use in consumer electronic devices, They’re also exploring alternatives to the gold metal that currently coats their nano rods. Silver, for instance, could focus light more efficiently than gold at the wavelengths used by the consumer electronics industry.

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What NOT to do while installing Windows Vista

Cornflake Addict of neowin forums has a good post on what to do and what not to do while installing windows vista


What NOT to do when installing Windows Vista.
1. Do not upgrade over Windows XP Home or Professional (SP2 must be installed to perform upgrade).
2. Do not install on the same partition as Windows XP Home or Professional (SP2 must be installed).
3. Do not at any time turn off or disrupt the installation.
4. Do not assume that all your software is compatible with Windows Vista because software developers and vendors are working with Microsoft to make your software compatible. (well not all of them but the important ones are).
What YOU should do when installing Windows Vista.
1. Create a separate partition of around 12GB is enough, using Partition Magic and then call it VistaBeta (or whatever you want to call it). Windows Vista needs around 8.5Gb of HDD space to install.
2. Run the installation via Windows XP Home or Professional, when you have the option of which partition you want to install Windows Vista on, make sure you select the new partition you created in step one.
The installation should take approximately 45mins to install (this might be different on older machines). Below is a time list of my installation after my tests.

You can read that thread here

Free Rootkit Detection Tool/Software from Sophos

Sophos is a great security research firm I like but the fact is that I haven’t used many softwares by them but I hear about them almost everyday abou thier research pappers and market outlook comments,from that I have a really nice opinion about them.Sophos have released a rootkit scanner/detection software.I think most of you knew that there is very few rootkit scanners available(As opposed to Antivirus and Antispyware products)

Called Sophos Anti-Rootkit, the software will detect and remove both known and unknown rootkits, and it will warn systems administrators if removing the software might harm operating system integrity.

Rootkits are a collection of tools used by hackers to gain administrative privileges on compromised machines. They are typically used to help hide other forms of malware — keyloggers or Trojan horse programs, for example — from antivirus software.

Sophos Anti-Rootkit works with the Windows NT, 2000, XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. The software features a graphical interface to help guide users through the process of detecting and removing the malicious software.

Since the Sony fiasco, the security industry has paid more attention to the rootkit problem, and there are now a number of free utilities designed to identify this type of software. Other tools include RootkitRevealer, GMER and IceSword.

You can download Sophos Anti-Rootkit here.

How to Crash Internet Eplorer with oneline script

Stuart Brown has an intersting blog entry about a single line javascript code snippet that can be used to crash IE.

Here is the code

<script>for (x in document.write) { document.write(x);}</script>

You can find that here.


Be warned, if you are running Internet Explorer, your browser will most likely crash, taking all your currently open windows with it, and possibly rendering your system unstable. I’d advise you to save your work.