How to hack into Internet Explorer passwords

Most technologically savvy users are not using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer theese days,Instead they use Opera (I love it ) or Firefox from Mozilla.I recently found a tool that you can use to show you Internet Explorer Passwords,It is not listed as a hack tool but I consider it that way because If I am using Internet Explorer you can easily run it and find my web account passwords if you have acess my PC,Theese may not be true in all occassions but it will probably happen in a Family PC.

Some more details about the application(Majorgeeks)

IE PassView is a small utility that reveals the passwords stored by Internet Explorer browser. It supports the new Beta version of Internet Explorer 7.0, as well as older versions of Internet explorer, v4.0 – v6.0
IE PassView doesn’t require any installation process or additional DLLs. In order to start using it, just copy the executable file (iepv.exe) to any folder like, and run it. After running iepv.exe, IE PassView scans all Internet Explorer passwords in your system, and display them on the main window.
IE PassView utility can recover 3 types of passwords:
– AutoComplete Passwords:
– HTTP Authentication Passwords
– FTP Passwords: Be aware that in the last Beta of Internet Explorer 7.0 (Beta 3), FTP passwords are not saved in the system.


Emoticon?? Search an Emoticon


Beginners of the internet talk will often don’t understand all emoticons fully (Raising Hands, I only knew only 4, 5 emoticons) has recently introduced a feature that will help you to find what an emoticon means.They also provides relevant data and links for more details about each search results.

Here are some examples

They are also building search facility for chat talks


In addition to smileys, we’re building a set of Smart Answers for instant messaging shorthand likebrb, lol and rotfl.

Again, we just don’t give you the definition but also links to sites where you can learn more.

We plan on doing more with non-alphanumeric searching in the future.

Annotation service:Write about any site

  Annotate any site.

While on a site, you may come across content worth sharing along with your comments. On-line annotation services help you do this. The web-based annotation service, Gibeo Network, is one such product.

To add your comments on certain pages of a web site, browse it by appending the string “” on to the site’s domain name. That is, if the site’s name is `’, browse it using the URL:

Now, whenever you come across an interesting piece that you would like to comment on, select the relevant portion of the text and immediately a menu will pop-up that provides various options for inserting your comments or forwarding it to anyone.

For more details:. For more details:

From The Hindu Netspeak

Blocking Google Ads in Opera 9

If you are an Opera fan(like me) you will miss the Adblock plugin of the Firefox but after the release of Opera 9 you don’t have to worry about it.Opera now includes an in built content blocking feature.In this post I will show you how to block Google Text ads easily.

Step I:

Goto Tools –> Preferences

Step II

Navigate to the “Advanced” tab, and then on the left sidebar, click “Content” and the button “Blocked Content”

Step III

As the last step click on the button which says “Add”, a new text field for you to put a web address will be there and you can just put this in it*

Tools and Tips to track Web 2.0 sites/services

The blistering speed with which new Web 2.0 applications are being produced renders even an expert netizen helpless. Keeping up with the latest ones is not going to be an easy task. To help counter this application onslaught, web enthusiasts have started several Web 2.0 application lists/blogs. A few of them are listed below:

Discuss About Web 2.0 

Webridge that lets you start a discussion on any web site/page or blog post is a new service with Web 2.0 features. By just pasting the page’s or site’s link on to Webridge’s input box, you can attach a discussion board to it. When you access the discussion connected to a page, the window splits into two frames, with the web page on the right and discussion on the left.

Web 2.0 Application lists

List of web 2.0 services will help you find services quickly without much headache as they arrange services/sites under different topics and categories.

The Web 2.0 application list hosted at the service`Listible’ is an excellent Web 2.0 resource. KoolWEB 2.0  is also a  good place for finding new Web 2.0 applications/services. .

There is also a web 2.0 directory that keep all the details in hierachial form

The `Web 2.0 Directory’,  hosts a categorised list of more than a thousand(1000) Web 2.0 applications, is  another place for locating new web 2.0 services.

Another innvoative yet simple project is to present information like a slide show.

Web 2.0 slide-show is an innovative service that automatically takes you through a slide show of several new Web 2.0 applications. Apart from the ones mentioned above, you may check out Web 2.0 trackers such as Mashable, BuzzShout,`2.0 WebSites’ and `NEO Binaries’.

Another site/service that can be useful for tracking Web 2.0 services is Web 2.0 innovation map it shows services based on geographical locations of the web 2.0 applications

Web 2.0 Blogs to keep track of new services

Keeping track of the new sites and services will become a waste of time if you keep visiting the sites mentioned above daily to see if there is anything new but in most of the cases blogs that focus on web 2.0 applications are very good than the lists and directories because the content is fresh and updated everyday(most of the time)

Techcrunch is a very good blog that all of you may be fmiliar with and it is a leader in its class it is updated daily it is a blog form the crunch networks.It is written by Michael Arrington who is considerd as a  sond voice in the web 2.0 industry theese days,Subscribing to the wb feed(RSS) is the best option to keep updated.

Another good way is to use the tags facility in blog tracking services like technorati just visit the URL to see all the latest blog posts that are tagged with the key word “web 2.0” but one problem with theese tip is that most blogs,bloggers talk about the same services that has been disscussed by mainstraem blogs like techcrunch but you will find some good services from theese also.

Delicious tags are also a good way to see new web 2.0 services just use this link OR

Others Resources