Greater Helsinki Vision

City planning is a big problem faced by cities around the world; big and small. While the developed world is concerned about utilizing the small space available to house more people. The developing world is scratching their head to find solutions to problems arising from rapid urbanization.

Helsinki is a Finnish city, I think it is its biggest, is planning to its future development now itself. They are running a competition with big CASH prizes. The competition seems to be finished, and you can see the best entries. The contest is called Greater Helsinki Vision 2050


RSS changes in Howstuffworks

Howstuffworks is one of the sites that I love to read, but their RSS feed was too bloated, means, I get no choice but to get updates on everything. But that will change now. They have redesigned thier RSS feeds so that I can be more selective in my subscriptions.

Due to popular demand, HowStuffWorks now has 13 RSS feeds to choose from. Pick from Future Cars, Science, Health, Entertainment and everything in-between.

RSS at Howstuffworks

Articles i Like(d)

These are some of the stories that I find intersting these days, hope you ejoy it too!


  1. Microsoft Research investigating if the inkblots as pass remindel
  2. Logging onto Windows networks without a password
  3. How to Reveal Hidden Passoword in Firefox and IE
  4. Western Digital HDD stops sharing media files!
  5. Is Spam e-mail finally on the decline?
  6. 25 articles every student should read
  7. Teaching ancient Roman history with Civilisation IV

Global English?


The article tells us that:

The reason millions are learning it is simple: it is the language of international business and therefore the key to prosperity. It is not just that Microsoft, Google and Vodafone conduct their business in English; it is the language in which Chinese speak to Brazilians and Germans to Indonesians.

Image copyright Financial Times 2007

What’s interesting is that the linguistic dynamics between the notion of native and non-native speakers are clearly changing too.

Source: Global English?

Strange wired Windows powered gadgets

We’ve heard about many Linux that run on embedded platform today I came across many Windows powered gadgets that I though was never existed.Here are a few of them.

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Windows Powered Casket

Make sure you are always connected in the afterlife also

Windows CE Powered Gas Pump

OK.What is special about this one?Sure it looks cool, it works nice too.Ovation iX is a Windows CE powered gas pump that lets you download MP3s, purchase coffee, and even check traffic conditions.Customers can also print customized coupons or watch full-motion video commercials on its 10.4″ display with built-in iX Media technology.

Some more stuff…

Psion Teklogix is shipping a pair of rugged, vehicle-mount computers targeted at harsh warehouse and cold storage environments. The 8580 and 8590 run Windows XP Embedded and include a built-in environment controller that “ensures adaptability to changing conditions,” according to the company.

Ampro has expanded its line of industrial panel PCs with a 10-inch LCD model. The PowerPanel 10 supports both Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded targets a broad range of applications such as digital signage, medical equipment, and human-machine interfaces (HMIs), according to the company.