Ke Ghar Kab Aaoge song from Border 1997 Hindi Lyrics with English Translation

Ke Ghar Kab Aaoge is one of the most famous war songs in Hindi. Below is the English translation along with Hindi lyrics of this beautiful song from the 1997 war film Border.

The first half was okay, presenting the background of each, building up sympathy.  The second half, the fight sequences were very badly shot and add to it the super jingoistic and clichéd dialogues. Although I didn’t like the movie, this song (Ke Ghar Kab Aaige/ के  घर  कब  आओगे ) was very touching. (It is long!).

The movie won Filmfare awards (don’t ask me why!) :

The movie won numerous awards including Best Film at the Filmfare awards. Director JP Dutta won Best Director at the same award function while his father OP Dutta won Best Dialogues. [..] J P Dutta’s brother was an Indian Air Force pilot who died in a MiG crash in 1987, the film is dedicated to him. [..] However, in real life, the Defenders at Longewala lost only 5 soldiers in the battle. [Report My Signal Blog]

Lyrics With English Meaning

Ke Ghar Ab Aaoge – Sandese Aate Hain – Border (1997) (सन्देश  आते हैं  .. के  घर  कब  आओगे )

. Sandese aate hain |Messages arrive;
. Humein tadpaate hain |they trouble us.
. To chitthi aati hai |Then letters come;
. To poochh jaati hai |they ask,
. Ke ghar kab aaoge |When will you come home?
. Likho kab aaoge |Write and tell us when you’ll come home,
. Ki tum bin ye ghar soona soona hai |For without you, this house is empty, empty.
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