Becoming a Management Consultant

Landing a job as a senior management consultant is all about having a brilliant business, consulting or industry background; a fabulous CV reflecting all those years of experience; a sparkling skills set; a unique personality and a freshly pressed suit. But for one candidate applying to Axon Global, based in Egham, Surrey, it was the memory of somebody else’s hair clogging up her bathtub that clinched the deal.
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“If I want to understand how somebody handles conflict, I ask them to give me an example of a situation in their personal or professional lives where there was conflict, and how they handled it
We want them to have the right knowledge and expertise and be good communicators, to get on well with our clients and represent our brand,
The biggest pitfall is not listening,
We are looking for people with charisma, of course, but you don’t have to be an exciting person to be a great consultant.
The key to success here is to try to be as collegial as possible, listening to others and giving them room to put forward their suggestions,
People in group exercises also need to pay attention to their body language in terms of looking enthusiastic, energetic and alert.
Some come to the fore as leaders, some will try to, but just come across as in-your-face personalities. It’s similar to The Apprentice. Some force themselves to be leaders, some are natural-born leaders, others pretend to be.
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Enter key not working: How to remap keyboard

Today, my friend scrapped me (in Orkut) that his [Enter] key (or return key) is broken and it is not working. So he is unable to chat and whether I know of any alternatives.

Hmm.. then I did some binging/googling, and this is what I was able to come up with.

You can map the keys to something different. Many people like to remap the [Caps Lock] because when the type there is a tendency to accidently slam on it and type in all caps, which is very annoying (In MS Word, Excel etc, you can use [Shift]+[F3] for converting lovercase to upper case and vice-versa).

Okay, coming back to the point. The best way to do this is using third party tools, which are freely available.  Otherwise you’ll have to edit the registry, which is no fun thing at all! So, we’ll go the software way.


It is a free software to map one  key to another on your keyboard. It is free, you need to have .NET runtime environment running to install it.

You can download it from [] and [RandyRants]

Key Tweak Keyboard Remapper


It is also a free program to do the remapping of the keys, you can get it from:

Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4

It is another tool to do the same thing. By Microsoft itself. But you’ll have to go through the validation procedures etc.  [Download Microsoft Keyboard Layout Tweaker]

Windows On-Screen Keyboard

Other simple thing you can do is to use the On-screen Keyboard(OSD) But this is not really an easy way to solve the problem. Say, as in my friends case you want to use it to replace the enter key, while chatting it is not really very helpful, is it?


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Advice you’ll give on your deathbed to your sibling

When life gives you lemonade, squirt it in someones eyes!
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When life gives you lemons, squirt them in someone’s eye.[this_barb]

I found an interesting discussion in reddit [What would you tell a younger sibling if you knew you were to die soon?]. The original posters brother recently passed away, she started the post by saying the advice he had given her just before his demise:

I was 14, my brother was 18. We had an odd relationship. We wanted to know eachother but were pretty much poles apart and had very little to say to eachother.

I walked him down to the corner shop on his last trip out of the house. He had to rest a while before he could make it back up the road to our house, so we sat on the steps of the library. Whilst there, he told me he thought I was ‘going to be a really cool chick’. He told me never to settle for a man who didn’t recognise my intelligence and that boys would do/say pretty much anything to get into a girl’s knickers. He told me I should never sleep with (or get into a relationship with) a bloke who didn’t acknowledge that I was cleverer than him, and meant it – unless the bloke was obviously brilliant – or I was honestly just after a shag.

It shocked me – but – I think it was GREAT advice.

What would you tell your younger brother/sister if you knew you weren’t going to be around for long?

The below text is ripped from the post, I have put the usernames of the posters and the permalink to their posts also.

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