Accessing Linux(Ext2) Partitions from Windows

If you currently have Windows running and you realize that you need some files for your work which you have stored on an Ext2 volume of your Linux installation, you no longer have to shut down Windows and boot Linux!

Furthermore, Windows will now be able to handle floppy disks which have been formatted with an Ext2 file system.It installs a pure kernel mode file system driver Ext2fs.sys, which actually extends the Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 operating system to include the Ext2 file system. Since it is executed on the same software layer at the Windows NT operating system core like all of the native file system drivers of Windows (for instance NTFS, FASTFAT, or CDFS for Joliet/ISO CD-ROMs), all applications can access directly to Ext2 volumes. Ext2 volumes get drive letters (for instance G:). Files, and directories of an Ext2 volume appear in file dialogs of all applications. There is no need to copy files from or to Ext2 volumes in order to work with them.

The “Ext2 Installable File System for Windows” software is freeware.

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Finding Open Source Alternative of your favorite programs

If you are a true open source junkie you may want to visit this site.It lists open source alternatives of your favorite proprietary applications.If you want to browse random programs you can do so too.There is a Software Directory for that which is categorized into business, communications, databases, graphic applications, Internet & networking, multimedia & audio, security & privacy, system utilities, web development etc

Windows Vista Shorcut Overlay Remover

Windows Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover, aka FxVisor, allows you to either remove or enable the explorer shortcut overlay arrow that is added to all shortcuts. Currently there is no native way to remove the shortcut overlay arrow or to even customize it in Windows Vista, so we have written the Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover utility to enable you to do just that.