Run your Cell Phone using water

This is cool. Samsung is planning to introduce cell-phones that is powered by water. Yes, you got it right, it is water. Samsung always got something interesting research going on in their labs. But the best part is that you may be able to get your hands on one in 2010. So, instead of finding recharging socket, you can just use water.

It will  basically be a fuel-cell powered device. In the case of other fuel cells they required methanol, but the new Samsung technology will do it with water

When the handset is turned on, metal and water in the phone react to produce hydrogen gas. The gas is then supplied to the fuel cell where it reacts with oxygen in the air to generate power. Other fuel cells need methanol to produce hydrogen, while Samsung’s needs only water. [- -]

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Personal defibrillator in Cell Phones

An idea I found today is very nice, I think someone should actively pursue it. It will help to save a lot of lives. We already have many daily technologies built into our mobile phones. Like digital cameras, sound recorders, mp3 players, Internet browsers, GPS receivers and what not.

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is responsible for more deaths every year than AIDS, breast cancer, lung cancer and stroke combined. If the heart is not defibrillated (therapeutically shocked) within a few minutes, the victim dies. Imagine how difficult it is to reach the victims of SCA in time to save their lives.

But, suppose we each carried our own personal defibrillator, say it was a feature of our cell phones?

[ – Inventerspot – ]

When thought about this for a while, I have found some roadblocks. One is people’s mentality, I am not sure if it will change. “Why should I carry something like that?”. Second is technological, such a device may increase the size of the device from the comfort range and there is a chance that it may loss its appeal among the young crowds

People still use Internet Explorer 3!

The first thing you need to be secure online is safe software, and IMHO it is the only thing you need to do. If you don’t go to the dark side of the web, you can be pretty sure about your security with latest software. But I was puzzled seeing this [1]. Some people are still using versions of browsers, that I only have heard about. Nope, it is not good old Netscape Navigator (I’ve used it 🙂 ). Any version of Internet Explorer below 7 will open your system to the world like troy was with Trojan horse.

So Paypal is going to stop allowing access for people who use unsafe browsers. They say some folks are using not only Explorer but version 4 & even 10 year old version 3! [2]

Some folks are still using Internet Explorer v.4, and v.3, which is about 10 years old 😐 I assume theese are very old machines and its users are not concerned with anything that is happenig in the world of network-security.

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The Microsoft FUD history

A summarized history of Microsoft and How They Stole their way to #1 crushing everyone else who dared to play the game. What’s Missing? How Office was stolen from Apple’s spin off (claris) ‘claris works’ How Microsoft FUD-ed OpenGL and made DirectX King Kong.

They do very well in describing how MS muddled through the 80’s and the 90’s with technological partnerships and OS design promising roses, and selling manure. Just wish they had articles about how Microsoft also stole their other core businesses word processing and gaming from other superior competitors.

From just reading the Wikipedia entries on OpenGL/DirectX etc, it’s fairly clear to me that DirectX’s proprietary system is either an obfuscated version of OpenGL 1.4 (since in Vista, Microsoft can directly run up to rev 1.4 of open GL applications on DirectX with the native vista drivers) or they based their feature specs on OpenGL 1.4 and whatever else strong gaming companies could get Microsoft to promise support for in Direct3D/DirectX OpenGL Is superior, that’s why both Sony and Nintendo console systems rely on OpenGL, while only the Xbox and Windows centric gaming rely on DirectX/Direc3D…not to mention Jon Carmack tried to persuade Microsoft from using DirectX and just using OpenGL.

Claris works had everything on mac system 7 that the early office programs from Microsoft had, and probably a few mac centric features that office never got.not to mention that WordPerfect was a far superior product to word for a long, long time, even after office essentially killed it off.sigh, it is clear that the one thing Microsoft excels at is FUD, theft, and marketing. the one thing they’re the worst at, is actually designing and producing products.

Vista demonstrates just how bad Microsoft is, and I hope,  windows 7 will be the death knell of proprietary OS/utilities. Linux would get so much better, so much faster if a couple OEMs got behind making sure it had well coded Open drivers, and well coded Open software applications.

Although I do appreciate the effort of programmers world-wide who try to make Linux Better on their own time (or even those lucky few who are paid by some company to do open source code design and implementation…)can you imagine if a company selling 40 million computers a year, spent $10 per PC to hire Linux Free Open Source developers to “make Linux Work” Instead of paying “the Microsoft tax” could do for open source?there are only small issues and problems with desktop Linux right now, as it stands, problems that can’t be solved on a ‘free’ budget because access to hardware usually costs money and people with knowledge and experience tend to demand high paychecks.

I can dream… of course patents on software tend to be a problem for OSS as well, at least one that ‘keeps’ OEMs from pooling their Microsoft tax’ to make a Better OS For Less $. Apple showed how easy one OEM producer can use OSS to compete with Microsoft on the software side, without going bankrupt (of course they coded their own kernel etc, but there is a bit of OSS in apple)

Source : Kesuki’s Journal [Slightly edited, posted without permission]

The robot nation : Japan by 2010

The Japanese have accomplished great heights in the field of electronics, automobiles and robotics. I admire their innovation and hardworking nature. “Made in Japan” was once a shameful sticker on products, fast forward to NOW, it is a symbol of prestige. It is a great example to show their ability to turnaround people perceptions on what can be achieved. Their work in the field of robotics is also awesome, No one can forget Sony’s Aibo, the ASIMO and such legendary machines?

With falling birth and population rate, japan is facing serious shortages of young workers willing to do menial tasks. The Japanese have a plan; they want to integrate robots to their daily lives. To help them with daily activities and support the ageing population as well as bring up a new generation. The ambitious plan laid out by the Japan Robot Association, the government, and several technology institutions have made a rough draft of what we can is their robot policy.

The motto: Create a society in which robots live side by side with humans by the year 2010. For me it seems too big a milestone to accomplish in such a short time (That is roughly 930 days from now!). Given the good control of government over city planning and administration combined with the small population, they may be able to archive it.

So, let’s hope we can see a robot nation by 2010. I am  optimistic, because they are Japanese. They can do anything, they have shown it to the world. While the US and other nations are trying to weapon-ise robots and use them for destructive purposes, it is really nice to hear a news like this, isn’t it?

Some are predicting that Robots will overtake humans in Japan by 2025 😐

MIT robotic exoskeleton


MIT grad student Conor Walsh and the leg exoskeleton he and other researchers have developed. [Photo: Samuel Au / MIT News] MIT researchers have created a wearable robotic exoskeleton to help soldiers carry heavier loads on their backpacks. Powered legs like those could one day help elderly and disabled people gain more mobility and carry things around more easily, but since this is DARPA funded work soldiers have priority. Sorry, grandma. 

Source: MIT robotic exoskeleton struts out of the lab, carries grad student with it