CPA Exam credential evaluation: ACCA + BSc Oxford Brookes University (OBU)

Getting information about how to appear for CPA Examination of the US is a mess. Each state has its own set of rules and regulations: different citizenship and residency requirements, myriad credential evaluation agencies, different set of requirements for sitting the exam and another set for granting licence so on and so forth.

Generally in many states 120 credit hours will be sufficient to sit for the exam and 150 credit hours to get the license.

Chad Sinclair an ACCA member (FCCA) writes about his attempt at obtaining the CPA certification as an ACCA + BSc from Oxford Brookes University:

In 2012 I started my credential evaluation journey and submitted my Oxford Brookes University Degree obtained through Oxford Brooke’s partnership with the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) to ERES (Educational Records Evaluation Service). I received 120 US Semester Credits which prior to the CBA (California Board of Accountancy) changing the requirements to become a CPA in CA this was more than sufficient.

He got 120 US semester credits which is sufficient to sit for examinations even now. But I have seen people posting in discussion forums that ACCA + Oxford Brokkes BSc (OBU) didn’t earn them 120 credit hours — there are people who got only 90 for both (see the comments under Sinclair’s post). This will depend upon the credential evaluation agency used (and your luck?).

Sinclair advises you to pick the evaluation agency wisely:

So here is my advice on how to pick an evaluation company.

  1. Firstly speak to an evaluator either in person or over the phone.
  2. Make sure they have knowledge of your qualifications
  3. Make sure if you have non-college qualifications i.e. Vocational or Professional Qualifications that require evaluation that the firm knows of the course or credential and ask them if they have evaluated this qualification before.
  4. Pick the firm that is the most knowledgeable about your educational experience.
  5. Complete the necessary paperwork and be as open and transparent as possible to aid the evaluator in reviewing your credentials.

Feeling lazy:See what others have achieved!

One of the best way to charge you up and work towards your goal is to see what others have accomplished. Normally for everyone of use, achievements of friends give us that big confidence boost that may reassure us about the positive probability of accomplishing a task you have in mind which you thought were impossible.

Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age asks you to enter your age, and then displays a mix of famous and non-famous people with their accomplishments as of your age.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find some energy after you visit the site to get out there and do something amazing!


Strange wired Windows powered gadgets

We’ve heard about many Linux that run on embedded platform today I came across many Windows powered gadgets that I though was never existed.Here are a few of them.

[Click on the images for more information]

Windows Powered Casket

Make sure you are always connected in the afterlife also

Windows CE Powered Gas Pump

OK.What is special about this one?Sure it looks cool, it works nice too.Ovation iX is a Windows CE powered gas pump that lets you download MP3s, purchase coffee, and even check traffic conditions.Customers can also print customized coupons or watch full-motion video commercials on its 10.4″ display with built-in iX Media technology.

Some more stuff…

Psion Teklogix is shipping a pair of rugged, vehicle-mount computers targeted at harsh warehouse and cold storage environments. The 8580 and 8590 run Windows XP Embedded and include a built-in environment controller that “ensures adaptability to changing conditions,” according to the company.

Ampro has expanded its line of industrial panel PCs with a 10-inch LCD model. The PowerPanel 10 supports both Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded targets a broad range of applications such as digital signage, medical equipment, and human-machine interfaces (HMIs), according to the company.

Some Links…..


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[image: A robot that scouts for hazardous asteroids]

The cool stunt man

I have no idea what they are promoting or advertising. But the site is cool. You can make a stunt guy run into walls. jump through windows and all kind of other stuff which is really cool. And its easy to do to, all you have to do is just drag the guy and throw him around on stuff and see the way he reacts. It makes me appreciate the stunt work that stunt people do a little bit more. Nice site to waste your time on.

Give it a try