Weather and History

Here it started the monsoon on 29th of the last month. I’ve completed my school education, but the memories are still with me. Especially the effect weather have on us, children that go to school, extra tuition classes etc. So the weather conditions have effect over even simple life of me. So, I was not really surprised to think about its effects on the course of history, but it surely was very interesting.

A number of ways come to mind. The drought that affected the Middle East brought the Akkadian Empire of Sargon and Naram Sin to an end 2250 BCE. Carpenter has shown that the Bronze Age civilisations collapsed as a result of weather perturbations and that this seems to be associated with the stories of Joseph and Moses – pretty significant.

The Medieval Warming Period saw yields in Western Europe peak – with the surplus going into Cathedral building at that period. Alternatively the Little Ice Age, begriming with the Mongol Invasions, saw plague returning to Western Europe and killing 1/2 to 1/3rd of the population.      [Amazon Discussions]

That’s just for starters. Wait to we see the coming climate change that may kill 6 + billion  people, then we will know the answer to the question. Food riots are already prevalent in 34 nations. Unless something drastic is done to stop this, the we are cranking the gears just too fast, to hell.

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