Free open distance education courses from Yale


There are a lot of Open Course Wares (OCW) on the Internet. But, it would be nice if you can get direct online courses from Ivy league institutions, that only a few can study. Yale seems to make that dream come true by making their courses truly open. What does that mean. Well, you will have access to the same high-quality education and world-renown professors. The following seven free courses :

  • Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics – Instructed by Professor Charles Bailyn, this fascinating class discusses areas of astronomy that are changing rapidly. This includes Extra-Solar Planets, Black Holes and Dark Energy.
  • Modern Poetry – Instructed by Professor Langdon Hammer, this course covers the characteristics and major influences in modern poetry. Hammer’s work is frequently published in The New York Times and he is currently the poetry editor of The American Scholar.
  • Death – Professor Shelly Kagan discusses the philosophical aspect of death and dying in this course. Kagan is Clark Professor of Philosophy at Yale.
  • Fundamentals of Physics – Professor Ramamurti Shankar introduces students to the fundamentals of physics, though the course is designed for those with a solid background in mathematics.
  • Introduction to Political Philosophy – Instructed by Professor Steven B. Smith, this course examines political philosophy as seen through popular texts and influential thinkers. Smith is the Alfred Cowles Professor of Political Science and Master of Branford College at Yale.
  • Introduction to Psychology – This course, taught by Professor Paul Bloom, provides a comprehensive overview of thought and behavior. Bloom is Professor of Psychology at Yale University and did his doctoral work at MIT.
  • Introduction to the Old Testament – Professor Christine Hayes examines both the religious significance and historical documentation of the Old Testament in this course. Hayes is the Robert F. and Patricia Ross Weis Professor of Religious Studies in Classical Judaica at Yale.

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2 thoughts on “Free open distance education courses from Yale

  1. I am really interested in the Physics class. That guy teaches it very nicely. I wish there were more video lectures of science subject online, from the ivy league universities.

    Thanks for the good find 🙂

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