Personal defibrillator in Cell Phones

An idea I found today is very nice, I think someone should actively pursue it. It will help to save a lot of lives. We already have many daily technologies built into our mobile phones. Like digital cameras, sound recorders, mp3 players, Internet browsers, GPS receivers and what not.

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is responsible for more deaths every year than AIDS, breast cancer, lung cancer and stroke combined. If the heart is not defibrillated (therapeutically shocked) within a few minutes, the victim dies. Imagine how difficult it is to reach the victims of SCA in time to save their lives.

But, suppose we each carried our own personal defibrillator, say it was a feature of our cell phones?

[ – Inventerspot – ]

When thought about this for a while, I have found some roadblocks. One is people’s mentality, I am not sure if it will change. “Why should I carry something like that?”. Second is technological, such a device may increase the size of the device from the comfort range and there is a chance that it may loss its appeal among the young crowds

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