The robot nation : Japan by 2010

The Japanese have accomplished great heights in the field of electronics, automobiles and robotics. I admire their innovation and hardworking nature. “Made in Japan” was once a shameful sticker on products, fast forward to NOW, it is a symbol of prestige. It is a great example to show their ability to turnaround people perceptions on what can be achieved. Their work in the field of robotics is also awesome, No one can forget Sony’s Aibo, the ASIMO and such legendary machines?

With falling birth and population rate, japan is facing serious shortages of young workers willing to do menial tasks. The Japanese have a plan; they want to integrate robots to their daily lives. To help them with daily activities and support the ageing population as well as bring up a new generation. The ambitious plan laid out by the Japan Robot Association, the government, and several technology institutions have made a rough draft of what we can is their robot policy.

The motto: Create a society in which robots live side by side with humans by the year 2010. For me it seems too big a milestone to accomplish in such a short time (That is roughly 930 days from now!). Given the good control of government over city planning and administration combined with the small population, they may be able to archive it.

So, let’s hope we can see a robot nation by 2010. I am  optimistic, because they are Japanese. They can do anything, they have shown it to the world. While the US and other nations are trying to weapon-ise robots and use them for destructive purposes, it is really nice to hear a news like this, isn’t it?

Some are predicting that Robots will overtake humans in Japan by 2025 😐

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