How to edit essays to make it worth reading

If you are a student, you will have to write many essays. The first thing to impress someone with your essay is by the sheer content present in the essay. By content I mean correct, valid and interesting information orderd in the format of an essay. The second important thing is to edit it. Polish it. The rough edges must be removed, this enables the content to be worthy of spending their time.  Here are a few practical tips on how to edit an essay you are preparing.

  1. Put aside the work you have just written. Take a cup of coffee, call your friend. In other words, just try to re-fresh your brains.
  2. After you had some rest, look at your essay – do you like the general appearance of your work? If it seems to be ok, then pass to the next step…
  3. Read your essay aloud. Do you like the way it sounds? Maybe, it is better to change something? Have you answered all the questions in your essay?
  4. Pay attention to each word in your essay. While editing essays, it is very important to find the phrases, which are of no particular importance, meaningless. Change them or just delete.
  5. Think about the importance of each word. Try to choose the words, which are the most appropriate to this text. English is a difficult language due to its semantics. So, make sure that each word is used correctly.

[ 10 Steps in Essays Editing ]

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