Cramming a clarinet record under a single KB

The mp3 format was revolution to the world of music. It changed the way music is stored, distributed and heard by people all over the world. Why? what a dumb question, you may ask. Everyone know it is because of the reduced space it occupies on your hard drive without compromising much on the sound quality.

University of Rochester researchers have just made something amazing, yes amazing than mp3 format. They have crushed in a 20 second audio clip of  a clarinet  music in to less than 1 kb. Yes, you read it right kilo byte. and that is truly amazing IMHO

It was not easy though, as explained by Wired story:

In order to get this done, they created a model of the clarinet itself — essentially replicating each aspect of the sound rather than creating thousands of digital samples from a performance of it. The resulting file occupies less than a kilobyte despite including all of the audio materials. By comparison, the same clarinet sample would occupy 32KB as a MIDI file.[1]

Another funny thing is that, incidentally the time of the press release, it was on April 1st. WIll someone believe such a story on April 1. Is it wrong if people believe it as another fools day prank? But it is not. Probably this is what we can achieve in maximum compression rate. It would be interesting to see how much time it would take to compress files using this method or the hardware requirement. As of now I don’t have any idea about any of it.


Links and References

  1. Researchers Cram 20-Second Clarinet Solo into Sub-Kilobyte File [Wired]

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