How new research will increase the efficiency of fibre optic networks

We all know fiber optic networks power the communication needs of the 21st century, they transmit enormous amounts of information rapidly, but the signals fade as the data-carrying light cover lengthy distances. Now, MIT researchers are claiming that they’ve found a way to overcome a major hurdle in utilizing the full power and velocity of the light waves.

What is the problem?

Light waves little by little decline over distances, as they become polarized or randomly oriented horizontally and vertically.

What is the current situation?

The current generation of tools available is very expensive to deploy on a large scale. The results of this research promises to solve this problem.Companies are looking for ways to enhance the performance of their optical devices while reducing costs, as the technology becomes more and more elegant to service providers who spend seriously to improve their networks.

What is the answer?

The solution is to utilize the mass-production capabilities of standard silicon chips. Scientist’s shaped a smart device that splits the beam of light as they pass through an electronic circuit. The tool then rotates one of the polarized beams, before both beams are rejoined on their way out of the circuit, thus, retaining the signals’ strength. The MIT research team demonstrated a working circuit on a chip that they said could be easily reproduced using silicon fabrication technology that is already highly developed.

What about the future?

This will result in the flourishing of more and more bandwidth hungry applications. Video, which consumes thousands of times the network space than that of e-mail messages, as Internet users require more bandwidth to download content from sites like YouTube, etc and service providers get ready for the change to Internet Protocol Television, or IPTV TV delivered over a broadband connection this technology will help networks handle those changes with a little ease

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