South Korea to introduce Killer Robots

Most of have seen in movies robots that are highly intelligent and take decisions of their own based on the situation, it is not possible for us to have robots that are as sophisticated as those but the latest happenings in the segment is huge. Samsung, one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world has developed a killer robot in its home country, South Korea to help the government in guarding military bases and strategic sites

For most of the people their awareness of this field is from sci-fi movies, most of us will think this is not a wise move to give a robot the power to harm humans. But now it is not clear will in fact take action after identifying intruders instead of just sounding the alarm and leaving hostile actions to their human counterparts.

South Korea, US etc are making very commendable strides in the robotics development from for military purposes, I hope we will see a robot coming with a cop for assisting him with his mission at hand very sooner.

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