How to stream all your favorite music online

If you want to stream your music files (on your PC) when you are using another computer.There is an easy way to accomplish this task.

Avenue music player is for you.Itlets you select 250 of your favorite songs to stream over the Internet(to whoever you choose). The music must be DRM-Free and is only playable online for up to five days.

The player lets you select individual tracks or playlists to stream over the Internet. How does it work? The Avvenu system uploads the songs to the Avvenu Media Center, which allows you to access the songs even when the computer is off. You can sort through your songs by genre, track name, artist name, or your own custom playlists. The best part about Avvenu is that it is free, and is accessible from any Windows or Apple computer, as well as any Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone – however, you need to have iTunes installed forAvvenu to work properly


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