Windows Vista start button

I really don’t have any idea about the new name of the “——-“(start button).I found it while reading the review of the Vista Gold edition at winsupersite.It is called Start Orb, I think I will continue to call it as the start button itself 🙂

Here is what Paul says about it:

Start Orb. In Windows Vista, the new circular Start Orb (Figure) is used to launch the Start Menu (Figure). Looking at the Start Orb, you can see that it visually appears several pixels to the right of the edge of the screen. In the original version of Windows 95, Microsoft made a similar error, so that users who shot past the left of the old Start button could actually miss the button and click an empty part of the taskbar instead. However, Microsoft has learned from its past mistakes: In Windows Vista, you can actually overshoot the Start Orb and still cause the Start Menu to open on a click (Figure). That’s nice. But aside from the new graphical design, the new Start Orb functions identically to the Start button it replaces.

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