Fedora 7 plans : The Ubuntu way


Redhat’s community Linux distribution Fedora Core is taking a huge step in its development decisions. Like Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux the next version of fedora Fedora 7 is also going to have different versions (editions) according to the indented use.

There will be mainly 3 different versions desktop, server and KDE.I think the desktop version will be using Gnome as its desktop environment while the KDE version as the name suggest use the K Desktop Environment.

Here is a comment from distrowatch

So it will be ‘Fedora desktop’ vs. Ubuntu and “KDEdora” vs. Kubuntu. I hope there will be no separate logo for “KDEdora”, though. 😉 Are Fedora and Ubuntu direct competitors? Yes, and it’s good. Going for market share is good, because few developers like to work for only a handful of users. It’s crucial for Red Hat too, to see to it that Fedora will not lose users to Ubuntu. Mind share will be market share – conquer (part of) the server market via the desktop: it’s what MS did.

Ubuntu still has the buzz and the momentum, so it will likely dominate for some time to come. However, Ubuntu’s ‘daddy’ Debian will be releasing its new Stable and although ‘Latest and Greatest’ lovers will prefer something edgier, it is easier to install than ever, and it is simply a great and stable operating system. Ubuntu has Dapper as its “Long term support” OS but Debian Etch might increasingly be preferred to Dapper as Ubuntu users find out that they’re using ‘Debian’ anyway.

On the other side, Fedora, OpenSuse, Mandriva a.o. are getting better all the time too. As said above, Fedora will be playing Ubuntu’s game; OpenSuse is controversial but the OS works really well; etc.
So I guess, *the* 2007 question is, what will Ubuntu do to stay the ‘coolest’ distro? Will it keep up when the buzz wears out?

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