Links for Monday [25/12/2006]

These are some links that I found may also like them.

Download EasyPHP 2.0 Beta 1 to Setup a Windows Website Server

-[Cybernet News]-

Get, Create and share ringtones for free  


Google Reaches Second-Most Visited Site Status


Giant plant-eating dinosaur unearthed 

-[CNN Scinece]-

10 Reasons Why is Better Than Youtube for uploading…

-[Digital Inspiration]-

Universe’s first objects possibly seen    

-[CNN Science]- Sued for $1.65 Trillion!

-[Cybernet News]-

Mac OS X May Go Embedded?

-[Apple Insider]-

MS Confirms First Windows Vista Vulnerability


Share files online with DivShare

-[Download Squad]-

Tiny Device Stores Light      

-[Technology Review]-

Opera for Nintendo Wii…I’m Speechless

-[Cybernet News]-

Autodesk giving studentd free software


Using Photoshop CS3 smart filters to smoothen skin


[Joke] Firefox vs. Opera. Which is better?


Has the Desktop Linux Bubble Burst?


Company develops virtual meal technology

-[Assosiate Press]-

Microsoft Opens Vista Kernel to Rivals


Sun’s Looking Glass 3D Desktop Released

-[PC World]-

Vodafone eyes India telecom Hutch Essar

-[Assosiate Press]-

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