Everyone want to blame Microsoft

On the SEO black hat blog on a few days back there was an (it is still there) article about Google’s donation of US$30000 to Creative Commons hit the digg front page and even though recently(In October) Microsoft gave US$.63 Million wasn’t able to do so.

I feel very pity on such kind of comparisons. Microsoft is always having an image of “evil”. The author tells that by dividing the amount of money both companies donated, he came to a conclusion that Google’s marketing is 2100 times effective than Microsoft’s marketing strategy.

May I ask that fellow is there any service that Google tops other than the Web Search Market. Yahoo! is sharing the e-mail market with MSN with a lot more users than Gmail. Gmail service is still do not have as much users as compared to massive amount of users Yahoo! and Microsoft have.

Author is making a right comment about the mind-set of the blogosphere in general towards Microsoft. Microsoft is always evil and Google is always GOD.

I can understand why people hate Microsoft in the case of operating systems. However, it is not at all sensible to criticize Microsoft in cases like web services (which are good, example live.com). The public just want to criticize Microsoft and catch attention. I see the over affection to Google is same as making Google more divine and Microsoft more evil.

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