McAffee Buying Israeli Security company Omigna

McAfee the information security software giant is buying an Israeli company called Onigma for about 15-20 million US$ in cash..

McAfee plans to add Onigma’s technology into its enterprise level security software offerings. They also plan to recruit more Israeli security professionals to the company which will be made a local R&D center of McAfee

Amir Sadesh, Ishay Green and Liad Agmon founded Onigma in 2004 while they were graduates at the technology division of the Israeli army intelligence Forces


The startup was devoted to a new area in data security: DLP, or Data Leakage Prevention from an enterprise servers.

Within days, the Onigma technology will be available via all McAfee outlets worldwide.

The technology enables the company to monitor all its workers and ensure they do not send confidential information beyond the enterprise boundaries, whether via Internet or external memory storage devices.

Among the company’s investors are the founders of Excellence-Nessuah, Gil Deutsch and Roni Biran.


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