Decoding the Technorati Ranking System

Technorati is the best blog tracking service that is currently available. many says that technorati gives you lots of traffic..but in my case I have only got a single hit from technorati..leave my case. It is a fact Technorati is really powerful. It has a nice feature called blog ranks it do just as the name suggest it will rank our blogs.It is based on the number of links that you get from other blogs.

I have found an entry that explain this well take a look at it

He also created a nifty calculator for finding your blog rank. It is a simple script. if you want to add this to your site just copy it and paste it in the source file.

<iframe src=”; frameborder=0 scrolling=no width=330 height=230 style=”border:4px solid #eee;”></iframe>


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One thought on “Decoding the Technorati Ranking System

  1. rankorati (their so called calculator) don’t work well
    i used my actual ranking number to see how many links do i need to be in that position and it told me i needed three times more than what i had…

    i know maybe technorati cares about how many links and maybe my blog with so little links is not as important as other blogs but i believe technorati also cares about how often you write and ping them…maybe im wrong…

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