HijackReader analyses your Hijack This log

HijackReader is a free program which reads HijackThis log files and tries to give advice on what to fix. It is based on Merijn’s tutorial on the subject, and automatically searches in Pacman’s startup list as well as Tony Klein’s Browser Helper Object (BHO) list.
It’s main features are:
* Automatically reads HijackThis logs
* Gives advice on what to fix
* Can output the report to text (txt) or web (html) format
* The web report includes a link, for quick Google searching, based on the object in question
* Requires no installation or DLL files. Does not write any settings to the registry or create any files, unless the user wants it to
* Completely portable. Can be run from a USB-flash drive, CD, etc.
* No Internet connection required (unless you want to check things using the Google function)
USERS OF AVAST ANTIVIRUS AND/OR TROJANHUNTER: Some users of these two software products may receive a virus/Trojan warning when using HijackReader. This warning is a false positive, caused by the compression used by this program. To my knowledge, no other antivirus software will give you trouble


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