Remove IE7 from automaticly installing on your system

Microsoft is plnning to release Internet Explorer 7 anytime this month.They are planning to include this in the Automatic Updates that almost every windows user downloads(Legal).What if you are an IE hater and don’t wish you be forced to install the software.Microsoft itself has given a way for that you just need to apply a simple registry key.You can download that from here.


Internally, this .reg file creates a simple IE7 blocking registry key value as below:
HLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Setup\7.0 [DoNotAllowIE70 Set to 1]
IE7 will not be available via Windows Update unless DoNotAllowIE70 is set back to 0 or erased from the registry.


2 thoughts on “Remove IE7 from automaticly installing on your system

  1. This trick in not worth it, IE6 is already retarded out of fashion, and of all stuff a newb can do is to better install IE7 and view pages properly and launch the new web devel standards. I can exactly see how good forcing this update can be helpful.

  2. Updating the system is always a good idea…there is some fact in your comment too but most people these days use secure browsers such as Opera (No I don’t think Firefox is a secure browser).It is better to have IE7 than keeping your system with less secure but IE6 but I have tested IE7 Beta 2 and I don’t think it is something great…The tabs even don’t work well for me…So No IE7 here..

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