Useful software under 2 MB

Found this thread in Neowin, really useful

  • µTorrent [Single EXE] – Feature-rich bittorent client
  • nLite – Cuts down your Windows Installation
  • HijackThis [Single EXE] – Finds and Removes Browser Hijacks
  • Foxit Reader – Great PDF Tool
  • Resource Hacker [Single EXE] – Must-have for modding .exes and .dlls
  • Replacer [Single EXE] – ResHack’s brother
  • Unlocker – “Unlocks” files that give an error when a delete is attempted
  • IrfanView – Graphic Viewer
  • 7-Zip – Archiver
  • Daemon Tools – Virtual CD/DVD Image Emulator
  • ImgBurn – CD/DVD Image Burner
  • ShellexView – View and Manage Explorer Shell Extensions
  • FlashMute – Mute/Unmute sounds in a browser

Customizing Windows



Hardware Information

  • SIW [Single EXE] – Displays Information about your computer
  • CPU-Z – System Information Utility
  • SpeedFan – Hardware Monitor/Tweaker

4 thoughts on “Useful software under 2 MB

  1. @Qwerty Maniac
    Never thought such a silly question from you, you know how a program can change the way we are using things Firefox for example revolutionized the way many people browse the net (no, not me I am an Opera user).But I do believe Firefox is vry badly coded because there is no stability for the application, it takes 99% CPU resources some times and will take 300 MB of RAM without any reason, from this simple example I think you understand the role of stability of a program.Take µTorrent for example it is the best in the business, it is robust and do the task really effectively.This list is not a list of applications for saving space on your hard disk but for using your system effectively.I believe that if you want a stable system your RAM utilization must be good so this list is relevant

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