Windows Live Writer Beta Review

Microsoft has released a beta version of Windows Live Writer a desktop blogging client that mainly intended to be used with Spaces Live.But it works with other blogging platforms and services like blogger,wordpress,typepad,livejournal etc.It has support for APIs of Movable type,RSD(Really Simple Discoverability),Metaweblog API etc.

I downloaded it the file size is just about 4.5 MB installation was simple point and click business.Then you need to open the application via the start menu.At the first launch it will ask questions regarding you blog or blog service provider.The interface imitates that of Microsoft Word XP.It has the option for viewing the post in the “Web Layout” means you can see the post the exact same way it will look on your blog,this is a nice feature.There is an integrated spell check option for those who like me(I am a horrible speller 😦 ).

Overall I like this product as Microsoft gives us the capability to use third party services this isthe best desktop blogging client,I have previously used w.bloggar but this one is neat easy to set up,many formatting options,different lay outs,You can send trackbacks allow OR disable commenting on specific posts etc.Microsoft has also announced SDK for Windows Live Writer Beta this means that if you are a developer you can add more services and features to the current application for making Live Writer more flexible and easy to use

This product is still carrying the “beta” tag so I hope this to improve well as time goes.Good job Microsoft.

4 thoughts on “Windows Live Writer Beta Review

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