Hardware price war coming

Seagate Technology CEO Bill Watkins says a price war in the hard drive business industry is a possibility. Seagate is the world’s largest hard drive manufacturer and are in direct competition with companies such as Hitachi, Samsung and Toshiba. On Wednesday, Watkins said “If pricing doesn’t drop for us, it’ll be an upside.” Seagate is expecting stiff pricecutting from its competitors through into 2007.

First it was CPU price wars that was good for everyone who is buying a new PC..This one is also too sweet as everyone is looking for a giant harddisks to save all thier photos and recorded TV programs..everyone wil be buying at least a 300 Gb HDD from now onwards(After price slashes) no it is not a big size considering that if you have a TV tuner card it will fill up really quickly.

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