AOL gives out free .com domains to anyone

AOL has just announced that it will give a free domain name to anyone who asks for one.There must be a dont own the domain but AOL owns the domain..for personal use that is not bad not for me(I dont even have a domain myself 😦 )

It’s part of the company’s recent strategy to stem the flood of defections (nearly 1 million in the second quarter) from dialup users who are switching to broadband and leaving AOL far behind. AOL already has lost more than a third of its subscribers since its peak in 2002.

According to C|NET BLOG MEDIA

From a financial perspective, the My eAddress service seems to make sense for AOL. The current wholesale price of .com domains is around $6 each, and because AOL is an accredited registrar it gets the best deal possible. That means AOL needs to generate at least $6 a year in advertising revenue (or upselling some users to premium services) per domain to make it worthwhile.

Microsoft has already announced a similar service called Live Domains but it dosent offer hosting but allow users with domain names to host thier email server on microsofts servers.


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