Another WGA failure:Pirated key works fine

ZDNET blogger Ed Bott (I dont know his real name) has a really interesting story to tell about how dumb is WGA(Windows Genuine Advantage)Program by Microsoft to reduce the pirated copies of Microsoft softwares…

He uses a pirated serial number and he was able to update the software without any problems..I really burst into laugh when I read this

That’s where I stand right now. The folks who are running the WGA program are having troubles getting the little stuff right, like putting a CD in the mail and proofreading the product key they sent with it. They haven’t managed to identify a stolen product key that’s been floating around the Internet for nearly two years. I’m reluctantly running a pirated version of Windows and can’t get caught no matter how hard I try.

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2 thoughts on “Another WGA failure:Pirated key works fine

  1. Heh, happens so, I ran strong for 2 months I remember, then it was black listed and I had to move on. But as long as Neowin and 9Down exists, I am happy for the update part.

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