India dont need OLPC:We will add more teachers.

The famous $100 laptop for the developing countries made quite a stir and was seen as an innovative method to reduce the digital divide but India said that they do not need the OLPC,reason rather than using funky laptops it is better to add more Human Resources and improve the quality of education.Here is what the summary of India said

Indian Ministry of Education busted out the vocab and called the laptop “pedagogically suspect.” They seemed to think the funds were better suited for building classrooms and hiring teachers, not “fancy tools,” and their reasoning is hard to fault in that regard. Education Secretary Sudeep Banerjee also questioned the maturity of Negroponte’s plan, and said no major country was seriously interested. Of course, Nigeria just ordered up a cool million, and places like China, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt and Thailand are still likely targets, but it looks like India is content to wait on the sidelines and call sour grapes for now.

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