nForce 500 new chipset from NVIDIA

nForce 500 is the new chipset from Graphics card giant NVIDIA.Theese chipsets are made for the latest CPU platform for the AMD processors based on the AM2 socket,eventhough there are no commentable increase in performance if you switch from the socket 939(Which I have),many belived that there is very few things nvidia can do but they proved that there new chipset is a must do upgrade for new PC buyers here is a small info about the new chipset:

There will be 4 versions of nforce 500,they are:

  • nForce 590 SLI
  • nForce 570 SLI
  • nForce 570 Ultra
  • nForce 550

Expers estimates that the new socket AM2 motherboards to cost slightly more than their socket 939 counterparts, at least initially, but long-term they should have basically the same prices. The High-End Enthusiast segment will be around $200, Mainstream Enthusiast will be around $150, Performance Mainstream will be close to $100, and the Value Mainstream offerings will look to target the $80 or under market.

Read More at AnadTech

Nvidia nforce 500 SLI chipset,the latest offering from nvidia

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